Saturday, 15 September 2012

Summer; a tribute

I should probably acknowledge the fact that I've been away for a while, so, yeah, I've been away for a while.
*le done*

Finally September is here and I can breath an un-tanned sigh of relief. If you haven't already gathered, I'm not a summer lovin type, none the less, I feel I should pay it some kind of parting tribute as Autumn sets in. So, so as not to leave a gaping hole in the fabric of my blog, this summer I have...

1) Been trying not to get burnt; letting others bask in my, frankly, boarder-line albino glow. In the winter I can get away with it, it's okay to be pale then. It's just at this time of year I have to suffer the pitiful glances of those with functioning melanin.

Jeans-Internacionale//Shoes- Jack Wills// Shirt- H&M mens// Vest- H&M

2) Visiting museums, specifically my favorite subject- small things! Tiny 18th century King's Lynn.

3) Wineing and dining with my Mumma and my Grandmumma.

4) Making edible goods, in this case elderflower cordial, my god does it smell good!

5) Holidaying on my nails in the absence of an actual holiday. Actually I'd say most of my summer involved painting and drawing on (and indeed off) nails, lots.

6) And finally, messing around with my sister at the pub (fun), at home and out and about (we're versatile like that).

Would you believe me if I said neither of us had actually had anything to drink at that point.
So, that's all that's been missed in the last moth or so, the rest has been lost to that most heinous of blogger crimes; the forgotten camera.
Let's hope this is the beginning of my blatantly seasonal blogging tendency eh? ta ta for now!