Tuesday, 29 November 2011

W7 green dazzle glitter varnish swatch

This is without a doubt one of the best glitter nail varnishes I have ever used!

Three thin coats with one coat of Sally Hansen insta-dry
With flash
Consisting of fine, pale green and blue glitter, I think is is more of a duck egg/sea foam green than straight off green. I rather love it though! the sheer, festive sparkliness is mesmerising, they got a lot of complements too, which is always a plus!

It is a massive pain in the arse to get off though, really massive, one of the hardest to remove I have yet encountered. But worth it, oh yes!

Do you have any favourite glitter nail polishes?

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Outfit post : That red dress

*Shhhhhh! sneaky mittens 'o' the month preview*

Navy duffle coat- Topshop
White scarf- H&M
Dress- falmer via Ebay
Shoes- Primark
Mittens- Canadian Olympics!
Fleece lined tights- Primark

I though it was starting to feel seasonal enough to be wearing a red and white combo (I'm saving the red and green for the end of December!) the length of this dress is so perfect too. It's  feeling distinctly colder round these ere' parts, so though I had been planning to wear a gilet and jumper I was just too chilly, and out came the duffel coat for it's yearly airing, one of my wardrobe staples this coat is and although pricey it's one of my best purchases to date!

Along with this coat I have a pair of skinny jeans I live in and some beige tatty ugg's that both see me though fat days, cold days, rushed days and all days in between.
What are you most essential, save-in-a-fire wardrobe favourites?

Oh, also, I have a couple of lovely new things to show, but unfortunately the hook on the wall where I used to hang my items to be photographed has come clean away, so I need to find I new place asap!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pining for mittens

I am missing them, and I just can't wait until the 1st, so hear is a past mid-month, mitten montage, of my most wanted.

**Warning; the following post contains owls, fairisle and fluff, those adverse to the cute should look away now.

Right- Accessorize
Left- Topman

Right- Peacocks
Left- H&M

Right- Dorothy Perkins
Left- Next

And to honour the post title, here is a picture of two of my pines. Enjoy!

I want those cones right at the top, damn them, I don't need them at all, but I want them.

P.S- I finally managed to get my favicon sorted, after a shamefully long time trying and failing! I think it's fitting, no? Also, a general question for all; do you even notice favicons on websites at all?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Outfit post

More ugly mirror pictures ;)

Jacket- Topshop
Purple top- H&M
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Schuh @ ebay

I love this cute little jacket, it hides a multitude of sins with it's puff sleeves and loose waist, yay cake!

As debuted in the last outfit post; the new and lovely schuh boots! I'm not a usually a heels person, I can't be doing with them, and I always feel monstrously over dressed, (and of course, I like to let my natural short arse shine thought!) but wedges I can occasionally do, and these are comfy despite them being a little big (I brought a 6 instead of my usual 5 because reviews said they came up a little snug. I shouldn't have listened.)

These boots are from last years A/W Rocket Dog collection, but I've seen them again this year in some different colours, so if you're thinking about getting these I'd definitely recommend them, I've worn them shopping and all day at collage, and I'm still blister free!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Purple Blue Swatch

Sorry- tip wear is copious! I had been filling up all afternoon, and stabbing away at the tills the rest of the day!

Beautiful, it's like a sunset on your nails! I find this to be the most iridescent, beetle-y of them all so far.

The wear on these is very impressive too, this is day three with no top coat. After a days work, I'd expected some chipping, but no, they endure!

I'm really enjoying the beetlejuice collection so far, I dislike plain polish I need some flakies or glitter or just something to entertain me, and these do the trick! I'm sure I have shamelessly spent at least 30 minutes just staring at these baby's!

With flash- not nearly as nice me thinks
I should mention with a lot of the polishes I wear, including this one, (other examples here and here) I put a black coat on first before applying my colour; 1) because I'm lazy and I can't be bothered building up sheer colours 2) it often gives a better colour and finish. Same goes for pale and pastel colours that would look weird with black under, I just use a white cream underneath.
It really is worth layering colours to see how they look. I have a gorgeous green NYX polish, but it's really sheer and slow drying, if I put it over black it's too dark, but over a medium crème blue it's just lovely. 
So that's my nail tip 'o' the day!

Also, if you know a good top coat to recommend me, please do, I'm on the look out and tempted by this Sally Hansen one so any reviews or others would be greatly appreciated, I'm trying to avoid Seche vite, since I can't be doing with the constant thinning it requires!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Follow Fivesday (not Friday)

If anyone were to babble at me I would most like it to be this lady. All her post are so interesting, I've become rather absorbed in back reading her blog. I feel as if I have been her at some points in my life, and I'm not quite sure if I actually have or if she is just extremely easy to relate to, either way, to not have at least a little peek would be a complete crime!

I'm a complete sucker for a fat hair twin, and I think I've found her in Sammy from Everything in between! You'll find her blogging about just about anything and everything, with some hilarious cartoons (check out this cat one near the bottom!) and cute puppy pics interspersed, what more could you want!

I don't know how to put it other than I just like it. I took one look at the header and knew this was a blog for me, and delving deeper my assumptions were absolutely confirmed, on top of this, tick being suitably obsessed with nail polish, and I'm hooked!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Outfit post *now with extra face & feet*

I'm back from a brief blogging break (yay alliteration!) I just started my xmas temp job, and to my surprise I'm really enjoying it, so all your wishes of good luck must be working! I was so worried about messing up the tills, and generally being a bit of a n00b, but it all went okay in the end and hopefully that will continue with a bit of luck!

Can you see my "bulking out" socks sticking out!
I love these wedges with a passion, but they are a wee bit big, 
even with in-soles and chunky socks!

Scarf- thrift
dress- Primark
Fleece lined tights- Primark
Shoes- schue

On another note, I've been pondering the term 'petite'. 

A very, very long time ago I brought a book by Gok Wan (this one) on dressing for your body shape, it was enjoyable enough to read but I found it rather useless in the end, because it kept giving contradicting advice; I have always considered myself to be petite- I'm 5"2, I have small hands and feet, and short, small (though endearingly chubby) arms and legs. I just am a small person, regardless as to whether I'm thin or fat.
This is where I had a problem with Gok's book, it made the assumption that in order to be petite, you would also have be thin.

So I'm really interested to know what you would consider to be qualifying features of a petite person, do you have to be thin to be petite? or do you, like me, believe that you can be petite at any size?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Outfit post: Cats and clocks and apples and Mushrooms

*ETA: Big sorry for my lack of blogging and commenting lately, I've just started my new job and am a bit K-nacked and short of time, business as usual soon, I promise.  In the mean time, huge thank you to all my lovely, faithful and patient followers/readers, I should be back properly on Wednesday, so till then, much love! x*

Tunic top- by mina @ a local botique
Purple top- H&M
Jeans- Topshop
Cardi- Primark
 Sorry for the footless pics but I'm shoeless and wearing garish sockies!
I'm not so sure about this top with the cardi over, but I just tried it on to how it would look really.

Nails: no.7 vivid violet & three coats of nubar 2010
I got this tunic about six years ago after seeing it on Sienna Miller, when I brought it, it was the most expensive thing I'd ever bought in my life, it was about £45 I think, the latter does not apply now!

I still love it to this day, I've never seen a single item of clothing with as awesome a print/pattern as this!

A better pic of the sweet print on this tunic.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Matte Purple 'Cadbury Wrapper' nails

After some random swatch googling, my narrow mind was exposed to the existence of matte nail polish, so I decided to jump on the band wagon asap! Here I've used Rimmel matte top coat over la femme ebony and no.7 in vivid violet over that.

With flash

I found the actually texture of the nail quite intriguing, I really expected it to feel kind of chalky, but it's actually very smooth and satiny.

Also did some contrasting shiny French tips, using a clear top coat as a bit of an experiment, and I actually really like it, I reckon you could have a lot of fun doing contrasting shiny/matte nail art.

I have to say though, they really remind me of a Cadbury Wrapper, particularly the flash pic!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Christmas reindeer jumper & neeew booots!

Apologies for the scabby mirror photos but since I've got no tripod and have been photographer-less, t'was my only option, cue an interesting attempt at self photography!

Jumper- Primark (mens)
Jeans- Internacional
Boots (below)
I still seem to be having a photo dump though!

I'm really loving this outfit, it's comfy and (I think) stylish, it's also got a mild grungyness to it that I love, plus I can bung a number of other tops under it (as I have here; hence slightly bulky shoulders!) for warmth.

Ring- Primark

Also I've got some new boots for winter. They were £12 with student discount from shoe zone, I've been scouring around for some 'work boots' as I call them, for a good while. I was quite tempted by some on ebay, but I'm reluctant to buy 'used' shoes I can't inspect first, so I caved and bought new!

Boots- Shoe Zone

I wore this last night for bonfire, fireworks and food (and drinks! *hic*) I had a great night by the bonfire (which if you follow me on twitter you'll probably already know!), did anybody else do anything good last night?

Mmm, toasty!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Models own Beetlejuice Golden Green swatch

Just a very quick swatch post for anyone who's thinking of getting them.

I am in love with this colour, it is even more beautiful in person than in the pictures, the gold and dark green tones are much more pronounced and contrast more.

With Flash

Here I'm wearing three coats with no top coat, but it dry's really quite fast so lots of layers isn't too time consuming to do.
Overall I'm really impressed, these are my first models own polishes and I'll definitely be buying from them again (apart from I didn't receive the free eye-liner I was promised, but not much I can do about that!) So if your pondering getting any of this collection, I'd say do it!

If there's anything you'd like to know or something I've missed, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions in the comments!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mittens of the month!

 Oh yes, it's that time of the month again....

Cosy, fur lined, adorable and just the right size! I picked up these lovely's from a game and country fair a couple of years ago. I'd really wanted some shearling mits for a while, but they were all extortionately expensive, so with glum and chilly palms I moved on, only to find moments later whilst browse the children's section, a pair for £5! that fit (literally) like a glove. Chuffed is an understatement. It's become one of increasing occasions (glove related you naughty people!) where toddler sized hands has served me well!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

"Only love is all maroon"

Indeed Bon Iver, love is all maroon, and so is this jacket.

Jacket- H&M
Dress- New look
Leggings- Primark
Booties- TJ Hughes (yes,that old)

And for your listening pleasure, the man himself...

The clocks have changed and it's getting so dark, so early. I can never decide if I love it or if I hate it, either way I'm feeling distinctly autumnal. Oh, and something I have learned to day; my hair is really quite orangeyer in a dull light, odd huh? thought not a bad thing, orange is the way people (as they'd say on TOWIE, I'm sure).