Friday, 18 November 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Purple Blue Swatch

Sorry- tip wear is copious! I had been filling up all afternoon, and stabbing away at the tills the rest of the day!

Beautiful, it's like a sunset on your nails! I find this to be the most iridescent, beetle-y of them all so far.

The wear on these is very impressive too, this is day three with no top coat. After a days work, I'd expected some chipping, but no, they endure!

I'm really enjoying the beetlejuice collection so far, I dislike plain polish I need some flakies or glitter or just something to entertain me, and these do the trick! I'm sure I have shamelessly spent at least 30 minutes just staring at these baby's!

With flash- not nearly as nice me thinks
I should mention with a lot of the polishes I wear, including this one, (other examples here and here) I put a black coat on first before applying my colour; 1) because I'm lazy and I can't be bothered building up sheer colours 2) it often gives a better colour and finish. Same goes for pale and pastel colours that would look weird with black under, I just use a white cream underneath.
It really is worth layering colours to see how they look. I have a gorgeous green NYX polish, but it's really sheer and slow drying, if I put it over black it's too dark, but over a medium crème blue it's just lovely. 
So that's my nail tip 'o' the day!

Also, if you know a good top coat to recommend me, please do, I'm on the look out and tempted by this Sally Hansen one so any reviews or others would be greatly appreciated, I'm trying to avoid Seche vite, since I can't be doing with the constant thinning it requires!


  1. wow that is impressive for three days of wear! I keep seeing all these beetle juices being blogged and I wish i'd of got my hands on some before moving. I can't justify the huge price Models Own want for shipping to the states though!

  2. I agree to and from the US, shipping is extortionate! It's a shame but then you have got nearly half price equivalent OPI AND sephora to comfort you over there! *jealous!? moi!?*

  3. I am too in love with this nail polish right now. The colors are INCREDIBLE. I can't even describe how much I love it.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Ahhh i love the Beetlejuice collection and havent got round to wearing this one yet, think its my favourite though!

    I personally don't think the Sally Hansen top coats are very good, none of them seem to work for me anyway. I'd totally recommend Seche Vite though, you can get it from with free p&p :)

  5. This looks AWESOME!


  6. Oh my GOD I want that. This is amazing!

  7. Sara, THIS SHADE IS GORGEOUS! I stared at your fingernails for a whole minute. More like ogled. REally.

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  8. Beautiful colour... looks very nice...
    xo Sandra

  9. super cute! I love them, i can never pull something like this off. these are absolutely gorgeous!


  10. The nail colour is just :X :X :X

  11. Oh my gosh this nail varnish is amazing!
    Love love loveeee it.

    Jazz xo


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