Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Outfit post *now with extra face & feet*

I'm back from a brief blogging break (yay alliteration!) I just started my xmas temp job, and to my surprise I'm really enjoying it, so all your wishes of good luck must be working! I was so worried about messing up the tills, and generally being a bit of a n00b, but it all went okay in the end and hopefully that will continue with a bit of luck!

Can you see my "bulking out" socks sticking out!
I love these wedges with a passion, but they are a wee bit big, 
even with in-soles and chunky socks!

Scarf- thrift
dress- Primark
Fleece lined tights- Primark
Shoes- schue

On another note, I've been pondering the term 'petite'. 

A very, very long time ago I brought a book by Gok Wan (this one) on dressing for your body shape, it was enjoyable enough to read but I found it rather useless in the end, because it kept giving contradicting advice; I have always considered myself to be petite- I'm 5"2, I have small hands and feet, and short, small (though endearingly chubby) arms and legs. I just am a small person, regardless as to whether I'm thin or fat.
This is where I had a problem with Gok's book, it made the assumption that in order to be petite, you would also have be thin.

So I'm really interested to know what you would consider to be qualifying features of a petite person, do you have to be thin to be petite? or do you, like me, believe that you can be petite at any size?


  1. That's ridiculous! I'm considered to be petite and so is my mum, and neither or us are particularly "thin," but it's like shopping for jeans for example.. I HAVE to buy petite jeans because otherwise they're far too long for my legs.
    Sorry about the rant but those books are just pressuring girls to be thin and it's not right! xx

  2. I adore your wedges, they are just tooo cute and perfect for winter!
    I'm glad your settling in well with your new job, it's always so much to worry about! But everyone tends to look after you! xx

  3. And also, I forgot to mention.. petite isn't about being thin. if you think about shops that stock petite, they still sell all sizes! And for example, if you're after trousers your best off in petite anyway because they are shorter. That's stupid.. go sort it out GOKKY! xx

  4. Regardless, you are a beautiful lady whether slender or curvy, short or tall. Very nice shoes. Great outfit post here.

  5. Wow your hair is awesome the beehive looks great on you!i need to buy some sort of toggle coat i love them and have always wanted one, and your scarf is really nice as well!
    Farrah's Muse

  6. I consider myself petite as I'm only 5ft but I've found whenever the word petite is used in fashion books/programmes it doesn't mean in height it means your shape, so when they say petite that to me would be boyish xxx

  7. oh my, of course you can be petite at anysize? who died and made that guy dictator of body self conciousness??? what a douche, yeah dont even worry about that, thats as ridiculous as saying that only women with long slender legs are allowed to wear shorts and skirts in the summer and the rest of us have to suffer. I personally think youre a total cutie! :) and those wedges ARE a dream! :)


  8. petite is def only about height, Gok should know better. Adore your wedges, I have issues with shoes being to big for my funny feet.

  9. I'm also 5'2" and I think being petite has to do with being small, not thin. I've been heavier than I am now and I've been thinner than I am now, but I've always needed short pants, not matter what size they are. That author guy is a moron.

    I LOVE your scarf! I have one just like it.

    Mabel Time

  10. awww you look so cute! adorable outfit and love the scarf ^^<3 mmm..always thought petite meant just short..nothing to do with weight. i love gok wan but how could he make such a mistake? o.o

  11. Sara, I love that scarf! And I'm glad to hear you're liking your job :)

    I totally think that the word "petite" has definitely evolved... now people think that petite is short AND skinny. but I disagree. I'm definitely petite and I'm definitely not skinny!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  12. Those books are insane! I always perceived petite to be about height, not weight or shape. Such presumptions are potentially damaging, especially considering our current culture's unhealthy obsession with body weight. Fashion rules make me want to implode!

    Also, I really like the mood of your blog. There is something quite pre-raphealite yet retro about your look which delights me....unique and lovely! :)

  13. Love this post, your outfit colours remind me of Autumn :)

    Talitha xx

  14. OOh you are so beautiful! You look like Bonnie Wright! And your hair is very original and cute! :)
    OMG! And your little cakes... they look so funny and delicious!
    Follow u ;)

  15. I have never associated petiteness with being thin !
    I thought it was all about height :/
    Dress how you want rules are made to be broken anyway :D
    I love that scarf it looks very Vivienne Westwood :)

  16. I'm considered petite (5'2-3'') and I always thought petite always had to do with height. That's why in many clothing brands, there are the petite or tall options.

    And wow, you do look like Bonnie Wright :))

  17. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and compliments, you've brightened my days threefold!

    I'm glad to see I'm not alone in thinking that petite is a term used for height and not associated with weight, silly Gok!

    Also thank you for the likeness of Bonnie Wright! I'm blushing!


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