Thursday, 29 December 2011

Giraffe Kigu

Made my life.

Happy Christmas to mee! 
A piccy of me in my Kigu as promised here months and months back
I never want to wear anything else.

You can get them at here at plus, some of the Xmas and Halloween ones are on offer!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Gold Fiingar! aka W7 gold dazzle swatch

After the infinite glittery joys of my last W7 nail polish here, I have been on the hunt for more colours, I think I can safely say I've come up trumps with this beauty!

With flash

You can buy W7 nail polishes here at (tip; all glitters are called either 'dazzle' or 'cosmic')

The very best thing about these polishes is that most of them are not suspeded in a colored jelly base which I hate with a glitter polish, it seems to dull out the effect so much, plus glitter in a clear base is nice and easy to layer, so much more versatile!

Once you've had glitter you can't go back.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Baytrees - Walking in a winter wonderland

We (as in me, my mum, dad and sis) have the tradition of an annual trek to Baytrees in Spalding to see the Winter Wonderland and do a bit of christmas shopping, only we haven't been for two years now due to lack of funds but this year I managed to save up some wages for a bit, and we went as a xmas treat and pressie in-one from me, Happy Crimbo fambly! x

*cue photo dump*

My outfit if you're interested:
Dress- New Look * Coat- Topshop * Bag- Warehouse * Mittens- Canadian Oylmpics
Shoes & Tights- Primark 

Giant banana, of course.

So yeah, as you would expect, old phone box, giant banana, peacock and vintage car. I do love Baytrees!

These are Gemma's 'xmas boots' aren't they fantastic! yeti feet! (they're from animal btw!)

Actually in a Alaska, no lie. This is defo one for next years Xmas cards!

I want this in my house.

I caught one! I'm actually a borrower you know, I just appear life size in pictures without reference points. true.


Mar and Par flaking out after large christmas din dins.

Beby Jebus!

Frost is my friend.

The two picture above are amongst my favourites; in the first one I look like a total toddler, my expression is like "Ooh look mummy, shiny things here!" and the second one reads the story of my poor dads life- waiting in the background whilst us girls mess about!

MEME BEAR ALERT! y u no give me ability to pee?!

yay UV!


It's terrible what they make orphans do these days.

Gemma looking cute!

I had to put this pic in! why oh why does it say vole! VOLE? we laughed our asses of at this, so much so people were giving us disapproving looks. VOLE! ha! *is childish*

Really real reindeers! caribou! I did a bit of a squee when I saw them, they are so tiny, I expected them to be huge. And as you can probably see they were rather sick of carrots by this point, so we didn't feed them, but they were so intrigued by us they seem to like to sniff you as dogs do. I heart deer for life!

I told you I was short.

I got 
We had a brilliant day together and I got quite a few goodies too, including a fantastic dress and yet more mittens that'll most probably stick on here some time soon! 

Also on  another note, sorry for the lengthy blogging absence but once again silly life gets in my way, and I've been doing as much overtime as possible to get more funds in time for Crimbo, so have been a tad occupied. Anyhoo.

Much merry making a happiness to you all over the Christmas period people!
Lots of Love

Thursday, 15 December 2011

So this is Christmas..

The decorations are up...

I so love having a really fire in this house. The heat it throws out is fantastic since we have no heating, and  isn't it just a lovely scene! The Christamassy living room is my favourite, it just looks nice!

We always have a red and gold theme to the tree, does you tree have a particular colour theme every year?

Ignore junk to left please!

On the 20th of this month we will have been in this house for one year to the day, and let me tell you moving home five days before Christmas day is really not all that fun, not to mention knackering! We had four days to  move in as usual plus put up the decorations, rent a cooker, buy food, do the shopping and host an xmas day meal. We only just made it! 
So this year we are really treasuring being able to put the decorations up early, and appreciate them for longer than a few days, and trying to have a more relaxed December (well, to the extent possible at this time of year!). 
So, I guess my big question 'o' the post is:
Are your decorations up?

*goes to eat mince pie (lets face it, pies)*

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Outfit post - Where hath the light gone?

Ooops, too much flash!

Coat- New Look
Scarf - thrift
Shoes- schuh via ebay
Jeans- internacionale

Okay not the best quality outfit post ever, due to diminishing light. These were taken at 3:40pm damn it! I love, love, love winter but I do wish it didn't get dark in the DAY TIME! Key word being DAY! 
*shakes fist at the skies*

"Ooh, blurry lights" I hear you cry, "soo original!" Indeed.
And a preview of the post to come! ;)

Friday, 9 December 2011

WTF! fashion 'o' the week

Philip Treacy
Gate way to Narnia?

Simply; WTF?
Funny Junk 
Dogs or cats?

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Models own Beetlejuice Pinky Brown swatch

Isn't it just beauteous!

When I first applied this I didn't really like it all that much, it seemed a bit plain after the W7 green glitter, but it's grown on me a lot the longer I've had it on.
Here I'm wearing two coats over black base, and one coat of Sally Hansen insta-dry (so, so glad I brought this, nails dry to the touch in 30 seconds, and you can actually USE your hand in less than a minute!)
You can probably see a fair bit of tip wear hear too, but then it is day four of my manicure!

With flash
Well that's the last in my series of Beetlejuice swatches the other two can be found here and here. Has anybody else got these yet and if so, how have you found them? personally I love them all and will definitely buy Models Own polishes again!

Disclaimer: This post, nor any of the Beetlejuice collection posts, have been endorsed by Models Own. All pictures, thoughts and words are my own.