Monday, 5 December 2011

New, precious, (but not particularly) shiny fings

Deep Burgundy Skinnies- Topshop
 I am so in love with these jeans it's un-real, lord knows it's damn hard to find a good pair, so I pretty much given up on finding a some that fit perfectly AND were burgundy, but then these came along *goes goo eyed* Goodness knows if they weren't so hideously priced (£35-ish with student discount- ouch) I'd buy a pair in every colour!

Rust plain tee- Primark
 Plain, long sleeved tops are something I always need but never get, so this time I did. And for £3 how can  refuse! plus it's one of my favourite colours; Rust.

90's? tartan shirt dress- Thrifted from charadee!

And last but not least, this has got to be my best thrift of the year, this amazing vintage tartan dress. It's pure chance that I picked it up, I was just leaving as a blur of forest green and red caught my eye after a whip round the charity shops. It looks meh on the hook, but I love it on, the pictures simply do not do it justice!

Gathered waist at the back, pin tuck detail on the front
and navy, baby cord collar and cuffs.

More detail. It has pockets too btw!

I took these last three pics in a bit of a hurry when I got home, so they're not the best, I'll show it off in a proper ootd soon, with better quality and lighting!
I just had to have one pic of it on!

Also, what era do you think this dress is from? I'm guessing it's late 90's from the style, and the label says marks and sparks so it can't be that old! 80's at the most (though it's shoulder pad free thank god!).


  1. That dress looks incredible on you!! Really, you look amazing. I'd say that dress is from the 90s. As an adolescent of the 90s, I'm quite certain.

    Mabel Time

  2. Oh my, Sara! I LOVE that dress. It looks so beautiful on you. =)

  3. cool items and love your hair :D I'm following

    Check my blog and follow me if you like :)


  4. Love this look... the plaid! Great style.

  5. adore your tartan dress, it looks fabbbbb x

  6. that dress is hugging your curves perfectly. you got some nice stuff! :)


  7. really love the burgundy skinnies!
    and that tartan! fantastic! ^^v

  8. That dress is spectacular, and both grungy and festive!

  9. Lucky, I never find anything good thrifting :P that dress is amazing, kinda 90'-grunge and it looks great on you. And that belt is super, super cute, it makes you look wonderful!

  10. Check the label, as M&S always used to put the year of manufacture on their clothes labels during the late 80s and most of the way through the 90s.

  11. shirt dress is amazing!!! so nice on you!


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