Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Gold Fiingar! aka W7 gold dazzle swatch

After the infinite glittery joys of my last W7 nail polish here, I have been on the hunt for more colours, I think I can safely say I've come up trumps with this beauty!

With flash

You can buy W7 nail polishes here at (tip; all glitters are called either 'dazzle' or 'cosmic')

The very best thing about these polishes is that most of them are not suspeded in a colored jelly base which I hate with a glitter polish, it seems to dull out the effect so much, plus glitter in a clear base is nice and easy to layer, so much more versatile!

Once you've had glitter you can't go back.


  1. They are gorgeous! definitely going to be looking out for this polish.

  2. Ooo very bling! Love it ^^d

  3. Gorgeous colour! And definitely festive too.x

  4. Whoa! I think this might be my favorite of all of your nail posts. It's just fabulous :)

    Mabel Time


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