Thursday, 26 April 2012


Shirt- H&M mens section
Vest-  H&M
Pumps- New Look
Bag- Matalan
Jeans- Internacionale

I went exploring the other day the weather was puzzlingly good so I though I'd make the most of it, even if it was a bit late in the day. (I also tried taking some pics of myself with out a tripod or camera buddy. Fail) I just put on my pumps, grabbed my camera and went. I ended up walking three or four miles of deserted 'tractor track' and stinging my ankles on nettles whilst grabbing some fantastic views and shooting some sunset. I got dirty and tired, it was great.
It got me to thinking though, despite this, I'm not a very spontaneous person. I don't jump into things, and I don't like change. But why? when this particular opportunity paid off, why can I not take it as an example that taking a chance isn't always doomed to end in failure? Unfortunately I can't end this with a revelatory answer. I still feel the same, it all boils down to plain and simple fear, but, realisation is half the fight, right?
Hopefully I'm young enough not to have missed all the opportunities life will give me, and I refuse to live in regret. Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to say yes.

Apologies if the above makes little sense, I would like to ask though, what's your attitude towards opportunities and chances? Do you accept everything that comes your way with open arms, or like me, stare clear of the unknown?

Monday, 23 April 2012

OPI Warm & Fozzie

As ever I'm on the pulse, reviewing a polish from a 2011 winter collection. I only just managed to get my hands on this baby though and boy am I glad I did. I'd been lusting after it's unusual multi finish of what appears to be somewhere between a glass fleck and foil with a subtle duo-chrome finish. This shifts between dark chocolate brown, to copper brown, dusky pinky, pure copper and orange shades. On the nail, it's truly stunning and has that reflective quality of a foil with some extra sparkle.

This took three thin coats to reach opacity, and the formula was a dream to work with, easy flowing and non streaky, the brush was fine, personally I prefer the pro wide brush, but it's not hard to work with at all. Also drying time was good. I wouldn't say you really need to wait between coats if you don't have the time, but I left it two minutes to let it harden a bit and speed up overall drying time.

If you're a regular reader you'll know I get bored by my nails really easily, I'm not one to leave a polish alone once it's on, I can't resist some nail are, glitter or a matte topcoat to keep me interested. But this one, I wore it alone for a whole week. Now firstly, wow, it actually lasted that long with only minor tip wear, and secondly that goes to prove how interesting this polish is to wear and look at, which I spent a lot of time doing, it's mesmerising!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

What I've been watching: French Kiss

"Bub,Bub. Like Bub Dylan."
"Oue, Baaaaab"

"Never touch my vine!"

"I know, I know I will uh...I will triumph!"

"For me, bullshit, it's like breathing"

"It's here, the mucus is here!"
"Look at the cows"
"Please not the cows, I just ate that cow!"

 "My arse is twitching, you people make my arse twitch"

"I was born here"
"Really!? but this is so beautiful and so charming!?"
"Oue, it was too beautiful for me, I had to leave!"

"Ah the sea, it's so, so...full of fish"

"Look, this made me think of you...awww"

 "Don't feel guilty, then I'll feel guilty that I made you feel guilty...Actually, feel guilty, swim in it, till your fingers get all prunie!"

To me this is the best movie that has ever been made. BUT I am so not a movie person it hurts sometimes, the only things I'll tolerate are straight romance or rom-coms, but this film is above all others, I've watched it countless times, and could do happily on repeat for days!

For those who don't know it; Kate (Meg Ryan) is in a happy and stable relationship with her fiancĂ© Charlie (Timothy Hutton) until her fear of flying forces Charlie to travel to Paris alone. Swept up in the romance of the city, Charlie inevitably strays, pushing a heartbroken and desperate Kate to conquer her fears and board a plane to Paris. She meets scruffy con-man come thief Luc (Kevin Klein) where amazingly, he is willing to help Kate "get her Charlie back" but why is he so eager to help? Is there an ulterior motive or is he being truthful to Kate, or even himself?

I hope that's whet your appetite and I've not given too much away, I absolutely would recommend it if you're a big rom-com fan, or even if you're not, do yourself a favour and watch it anyway!

It's got a fantastic soundtrack to boot:

Chips, chips, chips...

Sunday, 15 April 2012

It's a kind of magic, there can't be only one.

W7- spearmint//2true-lavender//Rimmel matte topcoat

W7- Spearmint//Maybelline- See-through ivory// No.7- Hot to trot//Rimmel matte topcoat

Index to pinkie:
W7 spearmint//Maybelline- See-though Ivory
W7- Spearmint//2True- Lavender
La femme- Pale pink//2True- Lavender
La femme- Pale pink//Maybelline- See-through Ivory

3x coats W7- Spearmint// Sally Hansen Insta-dry topcoat

W7- Spearmint// NYX- Pink Avenue// Rimmel matte topcoat

As you can probably tell, I love this W7, OPI Mermaid Tears dupe so much I just can't stop using it, I've been swatching it up like crazy this week. Clearly it's very versatile. My favorite of the lot has got to be the matte satin with 2true lavender layered on top (first pic, sorry if the OPI rotterdam bottle is confusing, will be swatching that soon!), it's very subtle and day dreamy, and the slight duo-chrome of 2true's lavender gives it a sheeny, ethereal edge.

Mostly I find W7 creams easy to work with, if a little streaky on the first coat, and maybe a bit slow drying (you need at least two minuets between coats) but it's nothing a nice thick layer of insta-dry or Seche Vite won't sort out, and at under £2, how can you complain!? As a skint nail fiend, I can make it work!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter nails

Polishes used here as below, apart from Barry M Emerald on the ring finger

Pinky to thumb clockwise:
OPI mermaid tears//China Glaze snow globe
Boots 17 Go Go// La femme black cream//La femme white cream//Barry M tangerine
No.7 lucky lilac//La femme white cream
La femme mid pink cream//No.7 grey skies//La femme white cream
No.7 Lucku lilac//China glaze Snow Globe

Hoppy Easter everyone!
Here's some last minute Easter nail art for y'all, nothing more fancy than a cocktail stick and a steady hand! Having tried out all these designs for the first time here, I can definitely see me having a whole bunny mani in the near future, soo cute and dinky!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

D'you want to go to the seaside?

Polka Sweatshirt- Joules//Ankle grazer jeans- River Island
Stripe boat neck top- Joules//Stripe espadrilles- Joules
Mustard Top- Select clothing//Red trainer pumps- New Look

Lust list 'o' the month presents; wants with more than a hint of nautical-ness about them.
Okay, so I'm not even sure if nautical is in this season, but spring just makes me fantasize about hopping right on a big white yacht, heading out of St Austell bay on a warm, bright-but-hazy morning, dressed like Audrey Hepburn.
Everything is so bright and fresh, I just want to wallow in the vibrancy and happiness.

Happy spring everyone!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

W7 pink dazzle and some random swatches

You all know how I do love me some glitter, so here's some more!

W7 pink dazzle. Bright, fuchsia leaning pink glitter in a clear base, which makes it perfect for layering, but personally I prefere to wear it by it's self beacause the glitter is so fine. It take's 2-3 coats (depending on your preference) for full opacity, also fantastic for gradients, and dry's fairly quickly. This also has a hefty coat of SH insta-dry on top to smooth it out, though not unbearably rough in texture, it definitely needs smoothing out with topcoat. I still maintain that these are some of the best quality glitter polishes I've ever come across.

Left to right, should you fancy a particular colour:
A-England- Dragon//No.7- Hot to trot//W7 gold dazzle
A-England- Saint George, Ascalon & dragon//OPI rainbow connection
No.7- Damson dream//Models own- Pinky Brown// No.7- Vivid purple//No.7- Betty Blues
No.7- Dollar//A-England- Saint George//W7- Blue Dazzle
Aaaand some random and poorly done gradient swatches, these were done with brush tip and not sponge as I would have prefered could I bloody find one! none of them really turned out how I wanted, so back to the drawing board, and out to buy some sponges. 
Profuse apologies to all and myself for crappy application, though these were done in a rush at about 1:00 in the morning when I realised I had somewhere to go the next day, long story, but *facepalm* non the less!