Thursday, 26 April 2012


Shirt- H&M mens section
Vest-  H&M
Pumps- New Look
Bag- Matalan
Jeans- Internacionale

I went exploring the other day the weather was puzzlingly good so I though I'd make the most of it, even if it was a bit late in the day. (I also tried taking some pics of myself with out a tripod or camera buddy. Fail) I just put on my pumps, grabbed my camera and went. I ended up walking three or four miles of deserted 'tractor track' and stinging my ankles on nettles whilst grabbing some fantastic views and shooting some sunset. I got dirty and tired, it was great.
It got me to thinking though, despite this, I'm not a very spontaneous person. I don't jump into things, and I don't like change. But why? when this particular opportunity paid off, why can I not take it as an example that taking a chance isn't always doomed to end in failure? Unfortunately I can't end this with a revelatory answer. I still feel the same, it all boils down to plain and simple fear, but, realisation is half the fight, right?
Hopefully I'm young enough not to have missed all the opportunities life will give me, and I refuse to live in regret. Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to say yes.

Apologies if the above makes little sense, I would like to ask though, what's your attitude towards opportunities and chances? Do you accept everything that comes your way with open arms, or like me, stare clear of the unknown?


  1. I exept opportunities, but only once I've thought them through!

  2. gorgeous photos, especially of the sunset (:

  3. omgosh i'm completely obsessed with your hair!! it's amazing!!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous pics! I love the sunset ones :)

    Talitha xx

  5. I love spontaneous walks, I don't do them often enough, I guess it's so much easier to not take an unknown path than to go out and explore, but the best things aren't always easy!


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