Monday, 23 April 2012

OPI Warm & Fozzie

As ever I'm on the pulse, reviewing a polish from a 2011 winter collection. I only just managed to get my hands on this baby though and boy am I glad I did. I'd been lusting after it's unusual multi finish of what appears to be somewhere between a glass fleck and foil with a subtle duo-chrome finish. This shifts between dark chocolate brown, to copper brown, dusky pinky, pure copper and orange shades. On the nail, it's truly stunning and has that reflective quality of a foil with some extra sparkle.

This took three thin coats to reach opacity, and the formula was a dream to work with, easy flowing and non streaky, the brush was fine, personally I prefer the pro wide brush, but it's not hard to work with at all. Also drying time was good. I wouldn't say you really need to wait between coats if you don't have the time, but I left it two minutes to let it harden a bit and speed up overall drying time.

If you're a regular reader you'll know I get bored by my nails really easily, I'm not one to leave a polish alone once it's on, I can't resist some nail are, glitter or a matte topcoat to keep me interested. But this one, I wore it alone for a whole week. Now firstly, wow, it actually lasted that long with only minor tip wear, and secondly that goes to prove how interesting this polish is to wear and look at, which I spent a lot of time doing, it's mesmerising!


  1. This one is gorgeous - I am crazy about dark brown glittery polishes! You know, you joke about being a bit late with this, but I'm glad you were because I'd forgotten about it, and now I've remembered and I want to go and buy it! x

    1. Heh, sorry! perhaps I should use a disclaimer at the end "Warning; may induce polish lust" Still it was £10 very well spent (even if a little expensive, naughty OPI, tut) and I absolutely urge you to add it to your collection!

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  3. Ooops, I need to learn to use the reply function. FAIL.

  4. I love this! I've somehow never seen it before, but I'm kind of mesmerized by it! x


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