Saturday, 21 April 2012

What I've been watching: French Kiss

"Bub,Bub. Like Bub Dylan."
"Oue, Baaaaab"

"Never touch my vine!"

"I know, I know I will uh...I will triumph!"

"For me, bullshit, it's like breathing"

"It's here, the mucus is here!"
"Look at the cows"
"Please not the cows, I just ate that cow!"

 "My arse is twitching, you people make my arse twitch"

"I was born here"
"Really!? but this is so beautiful and so charming!?"
"Oue, it was too beautiful for me, I had to leave!"

"Ah the sea, it's so, so...full of fish"

"Look, this made me think of you...awww"

 "Don't feel guilty, then I'll feel guilty that I made you feel guilty...Actually, feel guilty, swim in it, till your fingers get all prunie!"

To me this is the best movie that has ever been made. BUT I am so not a movie person it hurts sometimes, the only things I'll tolerate are straight romance or rom-coms, but this film is above all others, I've watched it countless times, and could do happily on repeat for days!

For those who don't know it; Kate (Meg Ryan) is in a happy and stable relationship with her fiancĂ© Charlie (Timothy Hutton) until her fear of flying forces Charlie to travel to Paris alone. Swept up in the romance of the city, Charlie inevitably strays, pushing a heartbroken and desperate Kate to conquer her fears and board a plane to Paris. She meets scruffy con-man come thief Luc (Kevin Klein) where amazingly, he is willing to help Kate "get her Charlie back" but why is he so eager to help? Is there an ulterior motive or is he being truthful to Kate, or even himself?

I hope that's whet your appetite and I've not given too much away, I absolutely would recommend it if you're a big rom-com fan, or even if you're not, do yourself a favour and watch it anyway!

It's got a fantastic soundtrack to boot:

Chips, chips, chips...


  1. I watched this about a year ago when I was doing a "Megathon" (Meg Ryan marathon! )

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

    1. Haha, I've been there! 'You've got mail' has got to be my runner up favourite to 'French Kiss'.

  2. Lovely screen captures Sara.
    I've watched French Kiss many times, I'm a fan of all those 1990's Meg Ryan movies, and it's is a far superior film than what passes for rom-com nowadays.
    If you like Meg you'll probably enjoy a visit to my place.

    1. Thanks I'll be sure to stop by, and I have to agree, 80's/90's movies kick the rom-com ass of 2012!

  3. I love it. I love France, I love sarcasm, I love Meg Ryan - particularly late 80s early 90s her. I want her flicky short hair!

    I could so have watched something like this today, drizzly and cold as it is!

    1. Her hair is just gorgeous isn't it! I wish I could pull it off and look that cute damn it!


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