Tuesday, 29 November 2011

W7 green dazzle glitter varnish swatch

This is without a doubt one of the best glitter nail varnishes I have ever used!

Three thin coats with one coat of Sally Hansen insta-dry
With flash
Consisting of fine, pale green and blue glitter, I think is is more of a duck egg/sea foam green than straight off green. I rather love it though! the sheer, festive sparkliness is mesmerising, they got a lot of complements too, which is always a plus!

It is a massive pain in the arse to get off though, really massive, one of the hardest to remove I have yet encountered. But worth it, oh yes!

Do you have any favourite glitter nail polishes?


  1. Amazing! How much did this cost you? I need it in my life xx

  2. This is gorgeous, how much was it and where from? I love glitter nail varnishs I bought 5 from Bodycare the other day. The lady behind the till said the barcodes didn't work so she had to type all 5 in seperatly! I've tried 2 so far and both fantastic xxx

  3. That is so pretty. I love the color it's so perfect for the holiday season!


  4. lovely color! glitter rules! :)


  5. adore this colour, perfect for the festive season x

  6. I got this particular varnish from a place called beauty essentials on the high street for £1.99 (bargain!) but if you google 'W7 nail polish' lots of places will come up to buy them from! x

  7. Whoa! Those look really cool! I HATE taking off glitter polishes so, unfortunately, I avoid them for that reason :/

    Mabel Time

  8. Wow! This is so pretty! I love Juicy Jules and Pink Fizz by Models Own, and I'm about to order some Barry M glitters (I will as soon as I decide which ones I want).
    Thanks for sharing! I'll look for some w7 ones as well!

  9. They look so stunning! I really like the colour too, cant believe the price, such a bargain!


  10. Wow! Cannot believe something so lovely cost so little. Love glitter nails but you're right they're the biggest pain to remove Gok Wan did something with foil that got rid of it easy but I can't remember exactly what he did :(


    Josie xxx

  11. Thank you for your lovely comment back on my blog! This nail polish is amazing, I have a really similar one by Models Own. Think it took me about half an hour to remove though, haha! xx


  12. I LOVE glitter nails but havent worn any since the 90's because i hate the hassle of taking it off. I am going to try glitter nail wraps next week, see if it's the same effect. Everyone wearing glitter polishes, feeling so festive! I want in on the glitter action! x

  13. Wow!! They look amazing!! I loooove glitter polishes, every year I rock Barry M's red glitter for chrimbo- it's so cute.

    P.S Please swing by our blog to check out our 'Christmas Party Look'!

    T & J

    The Style Rawr- A UK based Fashion blog!

  14. Ohh this they are amazing, I really am not one for glitter but I keep seeing posts like this an it makes me just want to go out and buy some xxx

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  16. OMG, OBSESSED with these nails!!! So cute, Sara!



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