Thursday, 15 December 2011

So this is Christmas..

The decorations are up...

I so love having a really fire in this house. The heat it throws out is fantastic since we have no heating, and  isn't it just a lovely scene! The Christamassy living room is my favourite, it just looks nice!

We always have a red and gold theme to the tree, does you tree have a particular colour theme every year?

Ignore junk to left please!

On the 20th of this month we will have been in this house for one year to the day, and let me tell you moving home five days before Christmas day is really not all that fun, not to mention knackering! We had four days to  move in as usual plus put up the decorations, rent a cooker, buy food, do the shopping and host an xmas day meal. We only just made it! 
So this year we are really treasuring being able to put the decorations up early, and appreciate them for longer than a few days, and trying to have a more relaxed December (well, to the extent possible at this time of year!). 
So, I guess my big question 'o' the post is:
Are your decorations up?

*goes to eat mince pie (lets face it, pies)*


  1. You're home is lovely! Very festive! I like the red and gold. I tried to have a polka dot theme with my tree last year, but all of my polka dot bulbs have disappeared? Now it's just kind of whatever I had. I really want to curl up by a fire in my Snuggie.

    Mabel Time

  2. Aww, pretty! My dorm is super festive...I cut a tree shape out of newspaper and taped it above the tv :P but I'm gonna Christmas out my blog for the next week!

    And I've been watching an excessive amount of Christmas movies, so I've some spirit. But your home is very lovely, your tree is so pretty :3

  3. so festive, I love it! the fire looks great roaring away there

  4. Loving the real fire! As its our first Christmas together we had to buy all our decorations so we just brought red, silver and purple baubles, but when we was in Chicago we kept seeing and buying the touristy ones so the theme has departed somewhat.

  5. It looks really cosy and inviting, and a real fire - wow. But no heating, omg.

  6. These photos totally look so Christmassy and festive! How lovely :-)

  7. So wonderful and festive!

  8. I am so very jealous of your gorgeous tree and fire!

    Our decs are up, and have been since December 1st, though I keep adding to them!

  9. aw beautiful tree!! you house looks soooo warm and cozy!!! im so jealous you have a working fireplace, unlike the fake one i have :P


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