Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Outfit post - Where hath the light gone?

Ooops, too much flash!

Coat- New Look
Scarf - thrift
Shoes- schuh via ebay
Jeans- internacionale

Okay not the best quality outfit post ever, due to diminishing light. These were taken at 3:40pm damn it! I love, love, love winter but I do wish it didn't get dark in the DAY TIME! Key word being DAY! 
*shakes fist at the skies*

"Ooh, blurry lights" I hear you cry, "soo original!" Indeed.
And a preview of the post to come! ;)


  1. i also wish it wouldn`t get so dark so soon
    during winter time...and i`m from finland where you don`t see sunlight for months..so i should be used to it! XD anyhoop..looking cute dear! ^^v MMxoxo

  2. I know the Winter Solstice is next week on Thursday, but does it get THIS dark around this time of day in England around this time of year? This is another comfortable and cool outfit to beat the cold. Nice stuff!


  3. I love plaid scarves for winter. They remind me of Harry Potter which is actually the sole reason why I even have a plaid scarf! Hee hee :)

  4. I hate how early it gets dark! Love your boots and fab coat and scarf x

  5. You look lovely and cosy. ACE scarf.

    Trying to take photos in winter is a frigging nightmare.

  6. I love when it gets dark early!!!!! Let's trade places.

    Mabel Time

  7. I HATE how dark it gets so early on in the day! Love the boots, they look so cosy xx


  8. I'm never going to get over your hair. It's way too fantastic.

    Also, you look really festive :D

  9. im having same issues with lighting, apparently its gunna start getting lighter each evening now, thank god!
    Lovely scarf, really makes the outfit!


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