Monday, 5 September 2011

Do you Kigu?

After much time on the lush forum, all-in ones or 'onesies' as I prefere (adult baby-grow conjours up all kinds of wrong) have been brought to my attention, I rather fancied one of my own, so off I trundled on the interweb to find one. The very first one was amazing, each bit was customisable from optional mittens to bear ears, just one problem though; £115, run away! eventually after much searching a lush forumite unwittingly came to my rescue in the form of Kigu's!
Left: Red Panda
Right: Kangaroo

Short for Kigurumi, which means 'costume animal character' apparently they're a massive trend in Japan, but to me they're just cute animal onesies which will be perfect for slouching round the house in, and a bit of a shock to unsuspecting visitors! at just under £40 each their a lot easier on my purse too!

I decided on the giraffe in the end, because of of it's cute little mane, I'm already in love with it and I haven't even got it yet! Worst of all I wont be getting it until Christmas because my sister bought if for me as a pressy, I really don't know if I can wait that long! 


  1. AHHH ive been drooling over theses for months!!! Im going to get the kangaroo soon!! :D
    and my friend had the panda! theres awesome will be well worth the wait.

    Annest X

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