Sunday, 25 September 2011

Outfit post- Purple Primarni

I've been lusting after a maroon/purple/burgundy dress for quite a while now, so when this popped up in Primark for £10, I made a bit of a mad dash for the changing rooms!

I wasn't quite sure of it at first, so I was going to take a few pics home and mull it over, but then the retail therapy bug reared its high street clad head and I though, bugger it! I'll get it now.

So I tried it with a belt when I got home, and also pulled it up, empire line style.

This is in my sisters bedroom, perhaps
you can tell she likes cuddly toys.
So what's the verdict? how do you think it looks best, personally I'm most comfortable with it under-bust, but only because I really like food, in general, so I'm often the proud owner of a food baby. Tight waist bands do not help with this. Still I'm pretty pleased I did decide to get it, It seems versatile, but I'm yet to wear it out so we will see!

Also I'm really looking forward to getting the lovely necklace and earrings I won from the beautiful Launa at Launa in ponderland for her 50 followers givaway, I'm so excited, I never win anything! I can't wait to do one myself!

I'm really hoping to do a 'follow Friday' style post soon too, as there are so many amazing blogs that need more readers, plus more established blogs that shouldn't be missed either! anyhoo, til' then!


  1. The way you wear it in the last pic i like best... the others make you look a bit short... i know what I'm talking about, i'm a shorty myself... :) Really like the color on you, very pretty... :)
    xo Sandy

  2. I agree with the Curvy Smurfette (awesome name, btw). =) I think the last photo is the best, though to be honest I think it also looks cute in the first few pictures as well. =) Love that color -- it's gorgeous!

  3. You should totally do a Follow Friday, I need more blogs to follow that aren't already huge.

    Also, purple is a great color on you! I'm kind of nervous about it because right after I dyed my hair I wore a purple sweater and someone teased me about looking like Daphne from Scooby Doo. But I think I have to give it a try again...who cares what the haters say :D

  4. @Liz- to right! you do what you want, and what you think looks good. For years I wore my hair in a big beehive everyday, and got teased all the time, now maybe I'm just thick skinned, but I really loved it, so why should I care what other people think? my hair, body, clothes, skin, style are mine, and it's up to me and nobody else what I do with them.

    Sorry I've gone off on one lol! but I think the points in there somewhere!

  5. aw that dress is soooo pretty!!! love it! ;)

  6. its a lovely dress and I like how you belted it. I find belting at the waist so uncomfortable as I love my food too.

  7. I love empire line dresses, as I also love my food! I'm not so keen on the first pics of the dress but I love it with the belt and it does look very versatile, a keeper I'd say xxx

  8. Cute dress and I really love your hair :) x


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