Wednesday, 7 September 2011

the mystical varnish fairy

I'm not huge on make-up on the whole, but nails polish/varnish I do. I've been looking for a really nice dark forest green polish for a while, so when I went to a discount beauty outlet at springfield's in Spalding, I literally did a double take when I saw this
NYX- Las Vegas
It's the most amazing dark shimmering green, the picture just does not do it justice, it's almost sparkly but so, so fine.  As soon as I put this on I realised it needs at the very least two coats to get a good solid colour, however my trick with colours like this, that are strong in the bottle but come out quite pale, is to paint one coat of either black or navy varnish on first, it really comes out so much nicer and prevents plastering on the layers, I didn't even put a top coat on this because it dry's so shiny.

I also saw this on my way out, so glad I did!
NYX- Pink Avenue

It's yet another copy of Sally Hansen's infamous 'treasure' and most similar to nubar 2010 only a little chunkier, but at only £2.95 each (reduced from RRP of £6.95) I think I can be forgiving! they're both by NYX which I've never heard of before, they're an american brand, and now having used them they seem really good quality, long lasting (amazingly so, lasted for a week without chipping!) and quick drying, which is always a plus! 
Here they are layered.
arg! messy edges, sorry!
I really like the effect, it definitely looks best over darker colours, but again needs more coats that I have on hear, one warning though, for goodness sake wear an undercoat, when I took this off I had a lime green tint!

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