Friday, 30 September 2011

Follow Fivesday (not Friday)

Follow Fivesday, in the spirit of keeping things original! ;)

1) The ever fashionable Morgaine from Bust my Buttons (above rocking one amazing midi skirt, ballet style), interpreting the latest trends in her own way, and blogging about just about everything really, from nails to baking, and an awesome homemade outfit!

2) Oh boy does this girlie need more followers, she is one of my favourite new blog finds, as you can tell from my background I like knitted stuff, and she knits! Look at that cute head piece! she has such a lovely quirky sense of style, and the most beeyootiful shade of hair, go un to her and follow immediately!

3) Finally for this week lovely Liz from Desert Americana, being generally cute and awesome and writing about the trials and troubles of her first year at collage, whilst somehow still managing to pull together an array of spectacular outfit posts, each stamped with her own individual style. You gotta love this girl, plus she's another in us band of redheads, what's not to love!

So that was the first and last of Septembers Follow Fivesday's, I promise I will try to keep this up every Fivesday! And please do check out these girlies blogs you will not regret it!

Also October is a comin, and with it comes the next mittens of the month, "Oh thank goodness" I hear you cry! ;)


  1. Thanks for the heads up about these blogs x

  2. thanks for putting me in this post, you're super sweet and i'm loving your blog : ) x

  3. @Morgaine- No probs lovely! you and your blog most definitely deserve it!

  4. Aww thanks :D This made my weekend!

    I love finding new blogs too, super excited to check these out.

  5. aww thanks for the mention!! :D
    Didnt think I was doing to well with my blog! This made me smile.

    Annest X


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