Monday, 5 September 2011

The 1st of Autumn

Finally Autumn/winter has arrived! My favourite seasons of all, what's not to love, snuggling in chunky knits, a fresh chill in the air, the smell of bonfires, and oh the colours! rust, chocolate, forest green, Khaki, so beautiful and perfect for my colouring too, I hate that the shops are a sea of bright's and pastels in the summer, so the warmer tones are a welcome return.

Having had a good browse around the web looks like faux fur is in again this A/W and this collar is has really caught my eye, not bad at £13 pounds as well. I think if I'm going for the fur It's going to be this, it's so much more versatile that say a coat or bigger piece, plus at 5"2 living in the countryside I may pass for some kind of game if I'm covered head to toe in faux fur, not good!

Next up on my Autumn lust list; knit wear, oh how I love thee! not always the most conducive to a slim silhouette, then again, if chosen carefully can also hide the odd wobbly bit in oversized folds of yummy woolly-ness. Win. I don't know if it's the chunkyness or the feel/texture but I can resist a bit of knit!

This should probably be called the 'if I were rich list' ridiculously expensive for the student purse, ridiculously lovely also:
1. Topshop
2. Topshop
3. Topshop
4. River Island
5. River island
I am absolutely in love with that Topshop pony cardigan (thought I'm not sure they look all that much like pony's to me!) It is oh so cute, I can see it over a flared 50's style dress or with a plain vest and skinny jeans BUT why, oh why does it have to be £60! why?! I want it, damn your prices Topshop! *shakes fist*

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