Saturday, 17 September 2011

"They call her Thrifty Fisk..."

Sorry for my belated post but I've had a very busy day, and by busy I mean shopping, charity shopping.

Bargains 'o' the day:
Shirt, but a dress on me!
£3.95 due to lack of haggling abilities.

I know £3.95 is not at all bad, but I did try to lower the price even further to no avail, good job I'm not planning a trip to Turkey any time soon, I be no good at the markets! Also I can't take credit for finding this, it was weeded out by somebody with a much more finely tuned thrifty eye than me, *I need more practice. 

*excuse for more shopping; tick!


How gorgeous are the colours on this?! It looks like someone's smooshed all the tones of a New England landscape in to tartan, it's so nice and autumnal. It's actually a small blanket, but there's no way this is not being worn on my person whenever possible, I can easily fold it into a scarf or shawl, it's so versatile. I haven't even worn it out yet and I already love it.

In other news I had a lovely day to day, seems like absolute donkeys since I last when for chats, coffee and cakeage, so I think I appreciated it all the more!

Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend as well and didn't hit the town too hard Saturday night! x


  1. that blouse is sooo pretty and perfect! :)

  2. That blouse is gorgeous, I've never haggled in a charity people do that? £3.95 is still a bargain anyway xxx

  3. aww your blog is so sweet! :D
    love the shirt:)

  4. Oh, I love the look of that scarf! Great charity shop finds here.

    x Michelle |


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