Saturday, 10 September 2011

"Lady in red" wants a chunky cardigan!

1. Matalan- £20
2. Peacocks- £22
3. Topshop- £48 (har har)
I have been meticulously scouring the internet for a chunky cable or aran cardigan in a light colour, a white, beige, or cream sort of affair is what I'm after. These three are all I've come up with. Bad times, at between £20-£48 (lol) It's not going to happen on my budget! None the less, I love the Topshop one but I do think it's in need of some pockets.

I want it to go with this:

Another Ebay thrift for £1.99 (!) I got in a bit of a christmasy mood and thought it would look awesome with tights, boots and a chunky cardi, but I'm lacking the chunky cardi!

Full outfit post to follow soon, I promise! Any ideas for places to get a chunky cream cardi would be much appreciated, I can't think of anywhere I haven't looked on t'internet, other wise, I'm off to Primark!


  1. Yea I reckon Primark is best for a budget buy - it will make a fab outfit :)

  2. Have a look in local charity shops. You might get a granny cardi that a few stitches would make much more fitted!

  3. They look really nice and snuggly! TopShop knitwear is ridiculously over priced, i'd expect 100% wool for that price. I bet it's acrylic mix. Booooo xxx

  4. I just bought a cardigan VERY similar to these (ahem, from primark) except it has dark buttons on it. . and I've had it on for about four days running now.. . .it's awesome and snuggly! haha. x

  5. Oh thank you Hanna! *runs madly to Primark* :D


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