Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The week in pictures

Okay, so maybe last week in pictures :p

1. First week back at college, DOOM, as you can probably see I have a problem with early mornings, I do not function properly before 10:00am! Also we now have to wear these vile identification tags; they spelt my name wrong -__- you would have thought after 7 years....MY NAME IS SARA NOT SARAH! *eyeroll*

2. & 3. I have basically been living off ham rolls and white chocolate spread on rice cakes all week, ahh the diet of a student!

4. Camera troubles-  been getting to grips with my (poor) blog photography, I'm not in love with the pictures so far what do you think? it's 12.5 MP, so surely that'a a fairly good quality picture? I'd really love some feedback though about the current format of the outfit post specifically, what do you think of the quality/lighting/angles/area?

5.& 6. The Stash. I've seen bigger, but mine is still pretty loaded, the amount of lip balm is near horrifying, but with Lush launching new products and discon's this week, my shelves will be heavy, and my purse will be light! Me thinks an Ebay/blog sale clear out is due, or else that shelf is just going to come clean away from the wall!

Also I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments on my 'footloose and make-up free' post, and it was really interesting to hear all your opinions on make-up and how much or how little you like to, or feel you have to wear. For me it's a choice I made in order to keep my skin spot-free, so perhaps if that weren't the case I might feel entirely different about, all in all, I think anything goes as long as you feel happy with it.


  1. Got to say, I don't miss sixth form all that much! Although I am jealous of those ID Cards, there's just something about them that makes me want one! x

  2. Wow you should have shares in lush! My work spelt my name wrong on my ID card, they got 2 letters the wrong way round so it's not even a name!!!you's think they would double check these things xxx


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