Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mini outfit post

Very quick and last outfit post of the day.
Jeez how dirty is my mirror!
seals t-shirt- thrifted
cardigan- H&M
Messy room- courtesy of moi!

comfy casual tee and cardi for my last day at home before back to 2rd year (technically 3rd but it's all bit confusing to go into) philosophy & ethics, it won't be too bad because it's part time, I just want to get the first day over though!
vintage scarf given to me by my nanna, amongst many others,
yay for grandparents!
Chucked my hair in to a hive, just because it's so easy (it really is) and out of the way, how do I get it like that? just keep back combing! plus it hides roots and hair that really needs a wash! you will never see me without volume, it's as much a part of me now as green eyes or pale skin, it just is. Hopefully I'll be back with some better (not just torso!) outfit posts over the coming days. Have a good week everyone!

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