Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pies and pushing dasies

Anyone who knows me knows I am in LOVE with pushing daisies.

Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles
Ned The pie maker

How cute are the outfits! Chuck is just adorable, and oh the dresses, this show has the most amazing wardrobe ever, 50's, retro, kitsch, I WANT iiiit!

Left to right: Digby the dog, Lily & Vivian Charles, Ned the pie maker, Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles, Olive Snook, Emerson Cod

And I heart Kristin Chenoweth as Olive Snook (best name ever) it's got me totally hooked on this 'they might be giants' cover of  'Birdhouse in your soul' it's so cheery! 

*shakes fist at ABC for not having a third series*

Anyhoo, all the pie making and eating made me want pie, so pies I did make.

I just stewed some apples and blackberries I'd picked on a bike ride (free food!) for the filling
and used this basic Bero pastry recipe:

225 g (8 oz)Be-Ro Plain Flour
50 g (2 oz)lard
50 g (2 oz)margarine
cold water to mix, about 30 ml (approx. 2 tbsp.)
25 g (1 oz)caster sugar if sweet pastry is required.

I do them each at 200c, 400F or gas mark 6 for 20 minuets, and substituted the margarine for the same weight in butter it makes the pastry so much tastier if you can afford it. I'm pretty pleased with them, I love the heart one best though!


  1. I really don't like pastry but that looks so yummy! . . . p.s. following you on twitter (saves the stalking!) I'm @Vratnej.

  2. The look lovely, and nice and warming for these not so sunny days. :)

  3. You're making me wish I had an oven :D

    I haven't seen Pushing Daises but several people have mentioned it now so I might have to.

  4. those pies look lovely!
    i've never even heard of this pushing up daisies but if the cast and costuming are anything to go but it looks like it wold be awesome, i'll have to look into it.


  5. Pies look DELISH... I'm sure they taste just as good as they look... Yum! :)
    xoxo Sandy

  6. those pies look delightful, I bet they were yummy. I love finding fellow Norfolk bloggers too, now following you x

  7. I used to love this show too and was disappointed when it ended. Those pies are making me hungry.


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