Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ebay finds

Having had no income for quite a few months now, bar things I've sold on t'internet and car boots, I have become quite good at being thrifty, so when the need for retail therapy strikes, off I head to Ebay!

£4.50 each- from ichbin shop on Ebay
 I wear these necklaces all the time now, they are definitely one of my best thrifty buys and such a good price too, the seller I brought them off ichbin, also has a fox in the same style, I'm so tempted.

I also got these two ex-Topshop tunics, only they are really long on me so more like dresses, they come down almost below my knees! I've tried both of them on in a few different ways and I think I most like them with leggings and a pashmina, or vest, because they are incredibly low cut for my liking, and incredibly huge, I think they're both a 14, but they feel more like an 18-20, which is good if you want them baggy.

Also I'm finding the light blush coloured one harder to style, Im not sure why, but any ideas very welcome! Still, at under £15 for the lot (including postage!) I can't complain really!


  1. Those necklaces are really sweet and cheap and i love your hair!!


  2. Cute necklaces!

  3. Ah I LOVE those necklaces!! They remind me a bit of tatty devine, I have a few like that, love them!! x


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