Thursday, 15 September 2011

Chunky Junk and mushrooms

What do you think to this bracelet:

I made this a good while back now probably a year ago, with bits and pieces off of an awesome ebay shop, I still love the novelty of it, but I just never seem to wear it! I don't even know where to begin with styling it into an outfit, anybody got any ideas? I'm in two minds weather to keep it or sell it to somebody who will show it a little love.

I've been trying to flog it on the Lush forum for a while now with no luck, so if anybody here wants it drop me a line at, or other wise convince me to keep it!

I also made these which I do love and wear all the time particularly the mushroom it's so darn cute! and the fimo sheep, all of which are as easy as pie to make out of scraps of fabric or oddments of fimo clay. I made a tree also out of felt, but I can't find it for the life of me! Anyhoo they're my makes 'o' the day!


  1. I love these, they're so kitsch but cute! Although styling wise, I wouldn't have a clue with the bracelet, I'd probably try to keep it simple with skinny jeans and a plain tee, however boring that may sound! :P

  2. Maybe with a simple black dress? It really stand out then : )


  3. That is literally the most fantastic bracelet I have ever seen :D I would offer to take it off your hands but I'm a bit broke right now :P

    As for wearing it...I know that Charlotte from rocked a charm bracelet (though not as impressive as yours) a while back with black tights, a white dress, and a light-colored cardigan.

  4. Neat bracelet, I love unique, fun jewelry!

    Principessa Gabriella

  5. Really cute bracelet is i had the cash i would totally buy !

    I have nominated you for a blog award :)
    Check out my blog for more details !

  6. Thats so cute, try it with a simple outfit to add a little something?

  7. Thanks guys, from what you've been saying, sounds like simple is the way to go, I'll see what I can throw together! :D


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