Thursday, 22 September 2011

Amaturish photographyer - outfit post

Today I had a day out with my mum and nanna, it was brilliant; very long lunch, tasty food, lots of shopping, I mean, really, what more can you want out of life!

When we got back home I had an impromptu photo sesh (all pics kindly taken by my little sis Gem x) then I started prancing about, and this is the result...

By this point I was kind of dizzy!

ORB! what is it!

So I was trying to do an 'amongst nature' shot only
it didn't quite work lol!
 I ended up with this odd expression on my face, trying to yank my hair out the tree!

Scarf- county show
dress- topshop@ebay
fleece lined tights- primark £3.50
pumps- primark
bag- warehouse

bird ring-£1- TJ Hughes
other rings thrift & family
nail polish- no7 betty blues with NYX las vegas on top

Lovely vintage bambi brooch from my nanna I wore to keep my scarf in place.
Sorry for the self indulgent photo binge! At first I was going to cull some and be more selective, then I though, what the hell, shove em' all on!

Will post some more tomorrow about what I got up to and some of the goodies I got (fair isle onesie anyone!) Till tomorrow x


  1. Lovely pictures, I really like your dress and your fab accessories!

  2. I love the pictures, I quite often take loads and think my aswell shove them all on, haven't got anything else to do with them after all xxx

  3. that dress is soo pretty and you look so cute!!!!!!! :)

  4. i actually squeeled a bit when i saw the picture of the bambi brooch. So cute!! <3 xxx

  5. It is a bit of a cutie isn't it! I heart deer they are the most adorable animal both in real life and as jewellery!

  6. I love that dress! I get the weak-in-the-knees syndrome whenever I see a dress with lot of pleats. It makes you want to spin and dance :)


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