Friday, 9 September 2011

Enchanted bath and body works

My Enchanted order arrived the other day, so I thought I'd do a quick review and some piccys of what I got.

Enchanted is a small cosmetics business, who I'm quite partial to along side my Lush addiction, they do all sorts of body creams, lotions, scrubs and perfumes in original scent's and Lush dupes, all made to order by hand which is lovely.
They do the best Lush dupes, and they are absolutely spot on, which is good if say, you love sex bomb ballistic, then Enchanted will do a sex bomb scented scrub and lotion to go along with it, perfect for people who love to layer scents!

white scrub- American dream (American cream dupe) £8
Purple scrub- Twylight (Lush twilight dupe) £8
Body lotion bottle- Twylight (Lush twilight dupe) £9

The foaming body scrubs are amazing, they have such a poke-able texture, and actually do bubble AND scrub in the shower, plus after rinsing off, my skin felt so well moisturised, if I was in a hurry I would skip lotion, which is really surprising for a body wash or scrub of any kind, usually I they leave my skin a bit dehydrated but this was the complete opposite!

the lotion is also a dream and has just the right texture, in that, it's not too runny not too thick, and almost velvety, it sinks in so quickly too, which is good because I hate having to sit around waiting for lotion to sink in before I can get dressed, not time well spent!

Postage was also very reasonable at under £4, and Enchanted do a whole range of Lush dupes including the following: 
Pink Candy (creamy candy)
Havabath (avobath)
Comfort Blanket (comforter)
Rosy Ginger (ginger)
Dia de los Meurtos (day of the dead)
Twylight (twilight)
Sinders (cinders)
Snow Pixie (snow fairy)
Olive Grove (the olive branch)
Fluffy (keep it fluffy)
Cherry Blossom (sakura)
American Dream (american cream)
Bathoz (bathos)
Skinny Dipping (skinny dip)
Sexy Bomb (sex bomb)                                                                                                                            Snowy Showers (snowshowers)

They also do requests! so I'd definitely give them a go if you just can't find the right fragrance, and want to compose your own unique blend. and they have lots of weekly and monthly offers always going on so even more of a bargain! As you tell, I love them and hugely recommend!

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  1. These look really nice,
    if only i wasn't so far away!



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