Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Secret Lush shhhh!

As you may have seen on twitter/facebook/forum Lush have had a 'secret' product launch, and after 12 long days of cryptic clues, and excruciating picture snippets, we've finally got the first full pics of the 16 new products.
Top pic:
No drought-dry shampoo
Lustre- dusting powder- lust scent?
Ro's argan body conditioner- rose jam scented

Middle pic:
pink ballistic???
phoenix rising ballistic- spicy scent

Bottom pic:
Lust- soap/deo???
Top pic:
Dirty- soap/deo???

Middle pic:
green- fresh/grass/earthy scent
orange/pink- mystery scents

bottom pic:
toner tabs?
Top pic-
Latte lip tint
Skin nanny facial moisturiser

Bottom pic-
massage bar- mystery scent
peace- massage bar/serum bar

Unfortunately they've released barely any info to go along with the pics! I've popped all that I know under the pics for you. The new website was meant to go live on 1st complete with all the new products, but agonisingly they've had problems with security so it's been delayed for the foreseeable future *gah!* 
I hope it's up soon though because I know I'm not the only one dying to get a Lush fix. I'm particularly lusting after the dry shampoo at the moment (I have been known to use talc as a substitute!) since I'm so lazy with washing my hair, and shampooing is the enemy for a bottle red head. What catches you eye?

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