Thursday, 8 September 2011

Outfit post

cardigan- H&M
Top- Primark
Jeans- Internacionale
boots- New Look

Owl necklace- fantasy island market

Day two of 'back-2-skool' nothing mind blowing, but still a chance to wear my owl necklace, I got it from the fantasy island market in Skegness, when we went on hols there last year, if you're ever around that area, I'd definitely give it a look, it's absolutely huge, amongst the regular market junk there are some fantastic stalls with unique and vintage pieces usually at rock bottom prices. Plus it's junk food heaven there! every thing you can think of battered, fried, in a roll, through a straw,! it you're there don't leave without trying a shmoo, they are the best milkshake in the world, hands down.

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  1. That top is an absolutely amazing color, I love it :D The necklace is quite cute too, of course. And thank you very much for your sweet comments, especially the college related one, I'm glad that I found your blog from it!


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