Saturday, 24 September 2011

Blackbird has spoken like the first bird

 Okay so it's a day late but here are some of the lovely pics we took on Thursday, I had such a great day, and it's all literally only a few miles from where I live, I never take for granted how luck I am to have grown up in this beautiful part of country.
Anyhoo here are some pics of  St Margaret's church and the maritime history at the customs house, both in King's Lynn.

I do believe I'm right in saying this is the oldest and largest church in our area,
It's so beautiful, I'm sure it would be lovely (and expensive!)
to get marred here, it's so grand.

This prayer candle orb was in a newly refurbished annex off of the main part of the church,
you can light a candle or leave a prayer to be remembered in services for you,
it's very peaceful, in fact the whole place feels like a haven.
I'm not a particularly religious person, but my sister is, so I'm open minded, even still I enjoy going to the church, it just has a nice atmosphere inside, and I find it so beautiful and awe inspiring, the smell of musty old bibles and well worn pews is so evocative of childhood memory's; christenings, weddings, easter services and christingle, they come back so clearly when I enter this church.

I can't even imagine how long this must have taken to make!

Nanna and mumsie- unsurprisingly wearing my maxi dress!

Gemma my sis, almost mid blink, having dived into the kiddies dressing up box!

to the right is a scale model of the outside of the customs houses,
it even has stairs inside!

The customs houses are so good for iterative information about King's Lynn's maritime history, and there's loads of little scale models which I love! Anything tiny and intricate catches my eye, and they're so interesting to look at with all the mini deatils, I heart museums!

If anyones planning on a visit I'd be more than happy to recommend places both in King's Lynn and the whole  of North Norfolk, it really must be a lovely place to come on holiday, I totally understand why so many people do!

Also, I did promise a pic of my new onesie, but I still haven't managed to get one of my self in it, so here are some teaser pics of Gem in hers, (yes, we both have matching onesies, we look like toddlers!)

They are sooo unbelievably comfy, it's insane how comfy they are! and only £10 from Primark, you can get loads of different prints and even animal ones, but hurry if you do want one, they're selling really fast!

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