Monday, 19 September 2011


Inspired by Hollie over at Music, books and tea I have decided to share with you my tea stash:

Clockwise from top left: Camomile flowers, Rooibos creme caramel, Lemon & ginger, Chai,
Spiced winter red, Rose tea, Earl grey and Spiced chai.

As you can tell I'm a teapigs fan though and though, with the occasional sprinkling of whittards (mostly because they're a cheaper option!) My top tea's at the moment are Earl Grey (Captain Picard style, for any star trek fans!) and chai, oh how I love the cinnamony goodness in latte form!

I like to think of my self as a bit of a tea connoisseur, I try every one I can get my hands on from silver tips & Darjeeling to lapsang souchong. The best odd one I've had has got to be teapigs popcorn, It sounds weird but the taste is so addictive, it does taste like popcorn! almost like rice cakes too, but very moorish indeed.

If I was going to recommend one for the tea tasting rookie I'd say start at plain rooibos and work your way up, personally I like to taste the base flavour of a tea before I try it with embellishments such as creme caramel or chocolate flake black, that way you know what it should taste like and can fairly judge variations, but to be honest, if you love tea, it doesn't really matter!

What's your favourite tea, or are you more of a coffee person? or do you hate hot drinks all together? do tell!


  1. TEA! Oh, how I adore the stuff :') I LOVE Whittard's breakfast tea, definitely looking forward to going back there, will probably grab some chai tea next time. Also, have you tried their hot chocolates? So lovely! I could go on about them forever. Infact, I may just do that, haha!

  2. love tea!!! never heard of tea pigs, sounds interesting :)

  3. My favorite tea is Bengal Spice. There are not words for how I feel about it. I'm also a coffee person, and I love straight black :D

  4. i have never really tried flavoured tea as i am not into normal tea :/
    but when i have a cold i am addicted to beechems honey and lemon hot drinks so if there was a tea out there like that i would definitely buy it :)

  5. @Hollie yes! I heart rocky road *drool* I wish there was one closer to here!

    @Kat definitely check them out, there tea is the best quality!

    @Liz ooh bengal spice another one for me to try! thank you:)

    @Launa Twinings do a honey and lemon that tastes very similar to beechems, the key is to leave the bag in, and it tastes more 'medicinal' almost, if that's how you like it!

    Thanks for your comments guys, yay tea!:)


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