Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"With flaming locks of auburn hair"

Thank goodness, I've finally banished the dreaded roots! as you're probably aware, I'm a bottle ginge and have been for some time. I don't get what's not to love about red hair, when I was little it was all I wanted, I used to wear a tatty red wig from a joke shop, because I wanted it so much.

It seemed to take me ages to find a proper ginger shade, because lets face it there's not that many red home colourants to choose from, and from what there is, they're mainly all 'reds', as in fire engine and cherry. I wanted  an autumn leaf auburn, a more natural ginger, a la Amy pond or Christina Hendricks.

After styling- Ahh, that's better ,volume!

Just washed- Flat hair arg!
Finally I found L'oreal Feria in mango intense copper, and I think you'd agree, it looks pretty vivid on the box!

Boots- £5.79
Hell of a lot cheaper than a trip to the hairdressers!

Obviously it hasn't come out 100% true to the pic on the box, but it seems to me the more I dye it the more true to the pic it becomes. My original colour was a plain medium brown, and I think it's taken quite well, if a little dark.

I'd definitely recommend this if you're planning to home dye your locks copper, it doesn't smell too strong, sting or drip, and it doesn't seem to take all that long to wash out after application either, plus it comes with a nice big bottle of intense conditioner which lasts me right thought to my next dye, which is usually around two months. Also I find this is quite good in that it doesn't fade too much, as long as your take care of your colour, it is a constant battle against the fade but I have some tried and tested tips:

1) Wash your hair in the coolest water you can bear, if you wash it with steaming water you can see the colour pouring out of it! so keep it as cool as pos.

2) use a proper colour keeper shampoo and conditioner, thought I have heard on the authority of a trichologist that they're no different to any other types of shampoo, I like to air on the side of caution, but with the latter in mind, avoid at all costs Vinegar, lemon juice, and salt, all thrice of which will strip your colour.

3) Try to wash your hair as little as possible! I know this may seem icky or impossible to some people, but it really will help a lot. I wash my hair twice a week (don't worry I shower every day!) and once styled its fine, I find three days is the limit though for me, before the roots start to go a bit ick, but hairspray and dry shampoo can cure that!

Anyhoo, I hope some of that's helpful with regards to colour fade and ginger manes. if you are planning on going red/ginge or have any more tips or questions please tell me below! I'm on a mission to convert people to red, there is just not enough appreciation for this lovely hair colour!


  1. Great tips - I might have to try the first one a little more. After two weeks from dying my hair [with John Freida i might add] the colour still runs but i've noticed it runs more on the warmer washes - i'll have to brave the cold water more!

  2. OMG !
    You absolute life saver !
    As you know i am planning on dying my hair
    And i have been looking around at hair dyes but hadn't seen one
    That as you said wasn't red !
    Cannot wait to dye it !

  3. @Launa- I did have you in mind when writing this! glad to be of help, it does come out a fab colour!

  4. I'm totally going to try that color!

    Bottle ginges for life here. I have my hair dyed at the salon in town, and go like two-three months between visits to afford it (although it's quite cheap compared to others). The main reason is because I have yet to find a red that I like out of the box, they're all either RED RED RED or purply-nasty.

    I'm going for the Christina Hendricks here :P

  5. Oh and here's a hair tip to add - buy a dye shampoo (not color protect shampoo, a dye shampoo actually has dye in it). They're usually $15-20 a bottle, but can last for months. Use it every three washes, and it'll keep your color really vibrant.

  6. @Liz- Ooh that's a good idea! I hadn't even though of that, what a great tip!

  7. Great Tips! Very nice colour, it really suits you! <3<3

  8. aw your hair looks so beautiful! :)

  9. Oh, that is a beautiful color!!


  10. Thank you for all you kind comments *blush*

  11. Thanks for the tips here. I just started dying my hair red. It turned out quite a bit darker than I would have wished. But I may try again here soon with this dye.

    <3 Rachel
    dress ups and mess ups


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