Monday, 5 September 2011

In the words Of Count von Count "Von! Von glorious blog post!"

Hello! this is me, Sara.

Yay! finally set up my blog, it's been a while coming! I should probably introduce myself, I'm Sara, I'm a student living in Norfolk, looking for a job and wishing I worked at Lush.
Lots of things inspired this blog, random musing but mainly recovering from an eating disorder after seven years, I really want to spread the body positivity, only now am I finally starting to become comfortable with my size and my body and if I can do anything to help anyone feel better in there own skin, that's what I'm going to do! Also I think blog's are a fantastic source of outfit inspiration, so I'm planning of a few of those, I want to prove fashion doesn't end at a size 8!
So, hope you enjoy reading and I'll try to keep you up dated and interested!

P.S- Sorry for the sesame Street reference, but who doesn't love Count von Count!?

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