Saturday, 1 October 2011

Victoria by Victoria Beckham ss/12 preview collection

Okay, so it's not often I post about 'fancy pants' fashion labels and there often ludicrous shows, BUT, today I must break form, for I have come across these gems, that I just can't help drool over.

Surprisingly wearable, me thinks, these are so cute and quirky and the cloud print tunic is right up my street, in fact if it didn't cost me close to a years wages I'm sure I'd be running to purchase it.

The thing that saddens me about this collection though, is that this is VB's 'cheaper' collection, with prices starting at £375 to £995. In my opinion this is a reflection of how out of touch celebrities and the 'fashion set' are with regards to the financial struggles of most people, and as a result their lack of (if any) disposable cash. If any person regards £375 for a dress as cheap then I cannot relate to them, as I'm sure others could not. This sends out a message (intentional probably) that this is 'not for the average person' why 'exclusify' (another of my many made up words) fashion and clothing in this way, I just don't understand it? it only broadens class gaps unnecessarily. It boggles me brain it does.

Sorry for that mild rant, I'll be going on with my business then.
Still lusting after that cloud print though.


  1. I love the first dress - i think it's because of the colour but i wouldn't pay those crazy prices for it!

  2. beautiful dresses!

  3. I love the cat print so cute! Obviously totally out of my price range but hopefully they'll be a highstreet copy!


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