Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Buys 'o' the week: Autumn staples & XMAS JUMPER!

XMAS JUMPER ALERT! I have found The One, it's sickeningly retro and comes straight out of 'White Christmas' I love it! One word: Reindeer!

Primark (men's section)- £12

It's brilliant and baggy on, and super warm. Perfect for food babies and coldness, both of which I'm particularly prone to near christmas.

Jack Wills (on ebay) - £60

Also splashed out on this lovely off ebay, for the cut price (but still ridiculous) sum of £60. As I've said before, I live in these gilets in the colder months, and I've found nothing to beat them on warmth and flattering-ness if that makes sense!


  1. Good look with your job induction !
    I have an interview next week i am so scared !!
    I was so close to buying that jumper :)
    I chose a very similar one with snowflakes :)

  2. I think that jumpers are underrated. You can actually do a lot with them.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I love, love, love the reindeer! I need to find myself the perfect Christmas sweater this year. I found some amazing fabric -- complete with reindeer -- for a skirt. Now I just need to figure out how to make it... =P


  4. I love the sweater, and it's going to look great togheter with that west! :) PERFECT for Christmas!

    Good luch with the job induction!


  5. I love this jumper!! so cute <3

  6. I have a sweater like that! What you call a jumper, I call a sweater! A jumper to me is the ugly dress I had to wear as a uniform when I was in Catholic school. And a sweater is a sweater. You're right about it, thought since you're in the Motherland (I'm in the U.S)!

    Mabel Time

  7. Aww that jumpers great, I'm planning my monthly shopping trip to Primark next week (after pay day) will be looking for one of these xxx

  8. I have a simmilar jumper from primark, love it x


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