Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Nails 'o' the day: Glitter!

Been a little ill for the past few days, so sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but I've barely left the house!
Also I think it's about time I did another nails post, since I've been particularly lacking since my attempt at panda nails. Glitter time:
With flash

With out flash

No.7 stay perfect in- Pearly pink
BYS glam glitters in- Gold finger 
I love glitter, makes me feel a bit like a drag queen, but I get over it. This looks so good in artificial light it twinkles rainbows, but it does take loads (about 8-10!) of coats to get it that sparkly, and I'm sure it will be hell to take off. Still, its quite a hardy polish so I expect to keep it on for a while, plus it gives me something to look at whilst I hallucinate in a haze of illness!


  1. i love glitter as well! probably a little too much... these nails re gorgeous!

  2. Nice nails!


  3. gorgeous nails! glitter is always perfect! :)



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