Saturday, 8 October 2011

Oh! Hello autumn! decided to show up have you...

I'm back with an outfit post! sorry if I'm looking a little rough, been under the weather all week, as I mentioned in my last post, however I did manage to take a couple of pics all snuggled up in my new winter bargains!

There's a hot water bottle under there, can you tell!

I've been looking for a beige duffel since last winter, as I love my navy Topshop one so much. This was only £10 of the market, I was really surprised when I saw the price tag, I was expecting at least £30. As a size 'small' it's mysteriously huge too, so I'll be able to fit lots of layers under.

Local market for local people- £12

I couldn't resist this brilliant faux fur trapper hat either, I'm not usually a hat person because, well, my hairs too fat! But I loved this too much to leave it, what do you think, to hat or not to hat?


  1. Looks like someone's ready to embrace cold weather. Looking cute here!

  2. I love hats like that !!
    They just don't love me back :(
    Looks great on you though !

  3. Love the hat!! you got some great bargains well done!

    Annest x

  4. lady if you think you're looking a little rough. . well jees I'd hate you to see what I look like rocking around! you look gorgeous and that coat is pretty sweet! I wish I could utilise such a beaut - but at the moment we are experiencing sheets of icy rain so it's macs all round! feel better soon!

  5. @Hanna- Haha! Thank you lovely! You have a point about the rain though, I think I'm being optimistic wearing a non-waterproof! least it has a hood!

  6. that coat will look classy year after year, it looks great.

  7. aw you look so cute! love that coat! :)

  8. I love cold weather stuffs! That coat is so cute, and I ADORE that hat! Big hats ftw!

    Happy Monday!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  9. I love duffle coats! I have one that I can't wait to wear again for the winter. If only I could get one of those gorgeous navy ones from Topshop :)


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