Monday, 17 October 2011

Outfit post

Bonjour again!


Gilet- Jack wills
Hoody- Republic
Top(just seen)- H&M
Jeggings- Internacional
Boots- River Island

Random head shot for you!

OOTD! with my newest purchase, my burgundy republic hoody, on sale for £30 (a little dear I'll admit) I used  to have a jack wills hoody in exactly the same colour, but it was a bit small, so I sold it on and brought this one instead. To be honest, I really prefer this one! It's got a much better shape and fit than the JW one, and cost a lot less! I love their gilets, but apart from that, I'm no Jack Wills fan girl, they're simply not worth the price tag in my opinion. I was expecting something amazing when I first bought from them, and though their stuff is lovely aesthetically, the quality's really not up there! Sorry JW fans!

Turtle Ring-Accessorize
Plain Ring- International

Sorry for blurriness!

I've shown you these nails before, but I think there better this time, I put even more coats of flakies on (NYX-pink avenue) and it looks so much prettier, only thing is it's so chunky you really need a thick layer of top coat to seal it all in and not be left with a rough finish. I love how it looks almost like a foil in the ring picture, I heart green!

P.S- the quality of these pics seems a bit off to me, no idea why, perhaps I just used the wrong setting, anyhoo, I'll check it out, any digital camera advice appreciated!


  1. haha i'm weird moving to oakland county! was funny seeing the word on a hoodie!

  2. Your nails are awesome! =)

  3. I have the same turtle ring but mine is purple! haha

    Your nails look so so gorgeous, they totally look like foils!

  4. @Rachael- How weird, what a coincidence! you should get one just for the novelty of it!

    And thanks for the nail compliments guys! x

  5. hello, gorgeous! Your nails are fantastic! and that ring is total LOVE. I want it on my fingers now! :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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  6. Love the nails - I need to find that polish here :)

    Anyhoo, have awarded you the Liebster blog award, check out my blog for details

    Talitha xx

  7. @Talitha- Aw! thank you so much, you lovely thing! Will check it out as soon as I'm home, thank you! x :)

  8. Great post!!!*_*

  9. Love the turtle ring, want it! Cute blog, am now following, check out mine: xx

  10. OH MY GOD YOUR NAILS! (I don't usually write in all caps, but they are stunning!). And I love your hair so much :)

    xxx ninja (

  11. your nails are AMAZING! :D

  12. That turtle ring is the coolest ring I've ever seen! I live in Florida and I often rescue turtles along the side of the roads, so they're my pals. I love all things turtle :)

    Mabel Time

  13. I love your nails so much, they are so different!

    You have a great blog :)

    Jazz xo


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