Monday, 3 October 2011

Mittens of the month!

Mittens of the month; October edition!

I know how you have all been longing for this over the past four weeks (lol) , so I'll put you out of your misery!

Octobers Mittens- New Look
I have a love hate relationship with these mit's. On one hand (pun absolutely intended) they have that gorgeous, cute heart fairisle pattern, BUT on the other hand, I hate the thumb. I'm sorry but it makes me feel like a tramp, all fingerless gloves do! The flip mitten bit is fine, but I just don't understand why they didn't make it with a full thumb! it would have been so much better.

Yet still, I bought them. I got the scent of mitten, and the cash just expelled it's self from my purse, It's a problem.


  1. I lvoe mittens too but alot have this problem. It's like they either think we have super long thumbs that also fit under the flap or we like having cold thumbs....madness xxx

  2. That is odd with the topless thumb, get a cold tip and the rest is toasty warm! Lovely pattern on them though x

  3. Yay Mittons of the month !!
    I must admit i do like fingerless gloves !
    They just make texting so easy :)
    Although they do make me feel a little trampy :(

  4. I have always felt a bit claustrophobic with mittens, is that weird?!

  5. @Sophie- *gasp!* how very dear you! I kid, I kid! I know where you're coming from though, not sure about claustrophobic, but definitely restrictive!

  6. these mittens are so cute!!!


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