Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Out Grazing in my field...

There's been some what of a craze on the Lush forum for the last year or so for the postal snack boxes of lovelyness that are If you haven't come across Graze before, they basically send you a lush, surprise selection, of to dye for healthy snacks, including nuts, seeds, dips, crisp breads and dryed fruit mixes, think holland & barrett on crack, and you'll have a fair picture of what's on offer!

Here's the preview of my box I got the day before it arrived, I had to peak! You can also view it by clicking here. 

How to Graze:
1) Go to, and pick the type of box you want (one gives you a choice of only the healthiest foods, the other gives you free reign of the lot, guess which I chose!)

2) Choose which day you'd like to get you box every week- you can change, push back or cancel this compleatly at any time.

3) Enter your address and billing details- I think it's important to point out that this is not a direct debit, as that was the misconception that put me off for so long, they will always ask before charging you.

4) The fun part- browse there mahoosive range of goodies and rate the lot! you can choose from Bin (which will make sure they never send you that particular item) Try, Like and Love, and you can also filter by dietary requirements in some cases.

Apple and cinnamon flapjack- you get three this size

Having now had a taste of everything I got, I can say it is absolutely delish, and thank goodness the portion sizes are limited, because I could eat the bounty hunter mix (coconut, cranberry & milk choc) forever. That, along with the cheddar gorge mix (salsa sticks, herb bites & cheese cashews) are my favourites, though the cinnamon & apple flapjacks and the roasted seeds are by no means bad! there's just not enough of them!

Also when you sign up you get a code to pass on, mine is H2Q4P5L By using this you'll get a Graze box COMPLEATLY free, no extra postage, or minimum time, no catch, I know because I used a code to get started myself, so I can vouch that it is indeed entirely free!

Go forth and Graze people!


  1. Ive tried graze before and now they've got so much more variety, definitely considering starting again!

  2. So OF COURSE they don't have this in the US.pooopooey! I followed your link and just browsed all the different delish options. How great! But how not great for me in the US.
    ♥ laura
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  3. @Laura- Oh gosh, yes, what a bummer! I should have said UK only, then you wouldn't have been tortured with their tasty treats of goodness! sorry!

  4. I took a look once but really it works out really expensive for what you get. Looks yum but not for me.

  5. Someone in my house keeps recieving this - then opting not to eat because they look like 'rabbit food' . . sooo I may / may not have eaten it myself haha! apple and cinnamon flapjack sounds amazing! might have to work out a way to make that!!!

  6. I wish I didn't see this. I'm addicted to oats, dried fruits, nuts, etc. and I eat a granola bar everyday. Wish I lived in the UK so I could get my hands one of these!

  7. that looks so good!

    Lindsey Turner


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