Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Autumnal Lusty List

1) River island
2) Topshop
3) River Island men's section
4) River Island men's section
5) Topshop
6) Barrats
7) Accessorize
8) Republic

1) I heart this scarf so much, it has so much going for it, from the cute fox shape to the gorgeous rusty colour, if I get only one thing off this list, it'll be this.

2&5) Having seen coloured skinny jeans around so often, I have to admit I'm falling for them a bit, still, if I do go there I'll be playing it safe with these dark autumnal tones of forest green and berry.

3&4) I'm so jealous of the men's knitwear on offer this year, but why be jealous when I could just wear them slouchy and over sized! one word: Reindeer's

6) I love a good chunky boot, and due to my midget statistics, I can do with the heel, plus it'll elevate me a few inches above the inevitable puddles!

7) What's not love about woodland inspired stacking rings?! also I find that rabbit head very Alice in wonderland.

8) Borg lining and slightly grungy autumnal check, I love this sort of semi tomboy-ish stuff, great over a khaki skinny rib top for a walk in the woods.

Also I have some really good news to tell but, I'll share that in my next post when I've a bit more time, so, till then!


  1. I want skinny jeans too :) I want maroon ones and a nice tan coloured pair !
    Love the reindeer jumper too !

  2. Oh my gosh! I want want want that scarf! The fox is so adorable! Can't wait for the good news in the next post!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  3. That fox scarf is fantastic! There's an artist who makes them on Etsy and sells them, and they're adorable! I've had it on my wish list for ages and ages! =)

    Also, I'm in complete agreement about men's knitwear. I want a knitted reindeer sweater/cardigan so badly!


  4. I really want some maroon skinny jeans for autumn, I've been looking all over for some good ones!! And I just love the jumpers here too, so cute!

  5. That fox skirt is so cute! Love the coloured jeans, were going into Spring here and I am considering getting some pink ones :-)

  6. those animal rings are so so so so cute!!!!!! :D

  7. That stacked ring is simply gorgeous!

    I love the fall colour scheme you chose :)

    Ah! Just realised the scarf is a fox - so freaking cute!

    Talitha xx

  8. I have mustard coloured skinny jeans. One of the comfiest pairs I own actually - from Primark too (where else?!) And I am loving those boots!

  9. I love this wishlist. I adore those boots, so gorgeous. :)


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