Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Carrot cake cupcakes

Made these with the Betty Crocker carrot cake mix and new piping nozzles I got as Christmas pressies. As you can see, I really could have done with taking some more time and attention on the icing, but I had a hungry family vying for my ankles the moment they hatched out the hot box, so I hardly had time! It was all they could do to let me put on a little cinnamon and silver sugar!

Now, I do love carrot cake I do, and a good'un at that, nice and moist and dense it should be, should be being the operative term here. Personally, I'm not super impressed with this mix, it was a bit dry and a flavourless to my tongue. Still, I can put the onus on me, if I was going to bake these again I'd add far more water, and probably some sultanas and a good glogg of milk to wet it up a bit (v technical term). For all my complaining though, the fam fam still hoovered them up in light speed!


  1. I fail at icing too I don't have the attention spam for it! Also I find carrot cake one of the hardest things to get just right.

  2. I don't know what your talking about! The icing looks well applied! It looks like white licorish twisted up with shiny sprinkles on it! I think they look great!

  3. Sooooooooo delicious, ahhhhhhhhhhh. Please, can I have some, ahhhhhhhhh

  4. Well, despite you not loving the turn out of these...they LOOK incredible. That icing job is clutch!

    Mabel Time

  5. These look so good! I'm sure they turned out excellent.

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  6. These look so yummy) love carrot cake too.


  7. Hi lovely, I'm back! I tagged you in a post - come check it out!

    Talitha xx

  8. looks sooo yummy!!!!
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