Sunday, 29 January 2012

What's in my bag?...

I've spotted these all over the bloggersphere at the mo, 
so I thought I'd tag on the band wagon!

So, this is what we finally find when we empty out my "sack 'o' junk", other wise known as my handbag, and organise it into a sort of badly placed square-ish shape...

Extra firm hold hair spray
Does this really need any explanation or come as a surprise!? when I am rich I shall use Elnett and Elnett alone, but for now it's bargain bucket Boots.

Rainbow umbrella
What girl doesn't have an umbrella some where in their bag all year round? This is England, here, rain knows no seasonal limits.

factor 50+ sun cream
Even in the winter I put a little on my face, tis' the nature of being a paley. I burn like a very easily burnt thing in the summer, it's sheer hell to keep on top of!

ID card
It's my most despised handbag item, still I'm forced to keep it on my person. Though I must add that, in a revenge attack against said card, it became a temporary spoon the other day in the absence of an actual spoon. Take that.

Tatty thermal gloves
Poor, poor dying gloves, held together only by lint and hope.

Rose Vaseline
Smells soo good, also good for dry hands, and a little bit of colour never goes amiss! Heavily abused as you can see from the denting, in fact it had been punched by a male. Why? I know not, but I believe it to have been some freak, teen-addled, testosterone fuelled reaction to the colour pink.

Novelty tissues
I get them every year, so they find there way in! it does make sneezing more fun.

Fakeberry phone
Yeah, it's all in the name really isn't it. Thank you Alcatel and t-mobile for coming up with a cheap skate version, much appreciated, now give me some free interwebs.

Owl purse
This is both torturous and joyful to use; torturous because it's so darned small and incredibly hard to yank cards out of, joyful because it is shaped like an owl and that, as you well know, makes up for any and all faults.

Broken hand mirror
It has just struck me that I may be carrying 7 years bad luck around with be, then again since it's been in my bag since the dawn of time, those seven years may well be up. Oh, actually, I think I broke it again.

Parma violets
Retro sweeties! Some people have mints I have Parma Violets, like some Victorian lady of the manor, I scent my breath with sweet florals. Or something like that. Also, as you'll see from the packet they are stated to be 'giant', well I have only ever come across these, and the very mini sized, where are the regular or medium ones? other wise why the distinction, because of all the things in the world I would describe to be 'giant' these are not that.

Uum, surely another essential!? friends, family, periods and headaches, they all need pain relief on a moments notice, not to forget the occasional cases of 'man flu'.

Pencil case
Yes, I do still have a pencil case in keeping with a 10-year-old, it's shamefully true. Thought, to call it's contents 'Pencils' is to do the concept a disservice. It's more a mash of shavings and inky pen carcasses.

Owly Note pad
I've usually got my big notepad with me, but this better for when you don't want to look like a total A4 toting, preppy student, noob. It's more subtle.

Well, I've talked in far too fine a detail about some inanimate objects, so all is as usual,
t'ta for now.


  1. I have a billion times more stuff in my bag lol. I should just carry around a duffel bag :)

    Mabel Time

  2. all good and necessary ^^d
    i`ve tried to buy only small bags
    to reduce the amount of stuff i always carry..
    still manage to make them full enough to burst. XD yours seems still neat ^^d
    have a great week hun! MMxoxo

  3. Nice to know your littel secrests, LOl

  4. Omg, the Owl purse is the cutest!!My bag is a big mess at the moment, but I'm pretty sure I'll find lots of things I thought I lost when I clean it up :p
    Have a good day!

  5. Ummm, I really really love that umbrella! x x

  6. You have a lot less stuff than I do in my bag! But most of it is similar, I too am a pale face suncream carrier!


  7. I either have a ton of junk or virtually nothing useful, ha! Love your owl notebook

  8. Your bag is very minimal and organised. If I showed you what was in mine, you'd be appalled!


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