Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A- England Ascalon; A Holographic silver

Finally I made the plunge and ordered some polishes from the new A-England Legends collection. I could have had them all but I stuck to Ascalon, St'George and Dragon (for now!). I'm really impressed, both by this collection and the pure quality of the polish it's self, at £9 a bottle these are a bargain for what you're getting; non-staining, no streaks, highly pigmented, glass-like shine, quick drying. There's really very little else you could ask from these polishes to improve them. If you want a quality lacquer for goodness sake get these!

As for Ascalon on it's lonesome, it grew on me. As with most holos, in the daylight they are a little dull, (though in the bland light of day this is still a beautiful gunmetal with hints of lavender) but with artificial light (and indeed sunshine, I came to find) they come alive glinting spectraflair and morphing with movement. As I've said before, when it comes to nail polishes I'm a small child- I get impatient and bored quickly. This polish kept me entertained, and that is what I need; entertaining polish.


  1. Very fancy nail polish! It looks great! How long will it take for you to be bored with them and on to another exiting colour?

  2. It's a beautiful colour. Your nails always look gorgeous.

  3. beautiful!!
    Annest X


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