Saturday, 25 February 2012

A-England Saint George with gradient glitter

Please excuse my very dry and ancient looking mitts!

Another polish from the A-England legends collection, this time the beautiful velvety deep green of Saint George. The holo in this is quite scattered but very fine and 3D-ish,  it's even more beautiful in person and my favourite so far, with the same outstanding quality as Ascalon.
I also fancied some glitter the day I did this, so I went for green and gold gradient using w7 gold dazzle and cosmic green, I think it turned out pretty well, very luxurious and gem like. Also, amazingly, no staining, which tends to come hand in hand with greens for me!


  1. that looks amazing, never done a glitter gradient before, soooo gonna try it. xx

  2. That is utterly gorgeous! I like the gradienty glitter!

  3. Love this !
    Glitter nails are so fun and versatile !
    Love the green :)

  4. These are sooooooo pretty!!!!!!! You're so good at doing nails :)

    Mabel Time


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