Thursday, 8 March 2012

The week in pictures

Phone lines ~ Sunset ~ Walking pics ~ Views ~ Peterborough cathedral ~ Chai latte ~ Birthday cake ~ Sexy stripy socks & more walking ~ Charlie dog
The trees are still bare, but the dirt smells different now, and when the sky is blue its almost translucent. Also Charlie dog is malty Mcmalt-malt this week; spring is coming, 19 years ago, I already had. I was born on the 'first day of spring' my mum says, and being born on a first is fantastic for somebody who is mildly OCD about orders and organisation (though you'd never guess from the state of my bedroom). This has been the happiest birthday for a good few years.

Oh and I passed my last philosophy exam.


  1. congrats on passing your exam! Lovely pictures x

  2. Happy Birthday :)
    Your cake looked delicious :)
    Congrats on your exam :)

  3. Happy Birthday and congrats on passing your exam!
    The shots are beautiful and your dog looks sweet!



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