Friday, 16 March 2012

Prove you're not a robot!

Turns out geek glasses are back (if they ever went away) but then, this is according to one of those "I thought I needed a poo... but it was triplets!" magazines. God knows they're my fashion bible. -_-

Jumper- H&M
Brown vest- H&M
Jeans- Internacionale
Pumps- New look
Necklace-  from the lovely Launa in Ponderland check her out!

So you may have gathered from my reading of 'junk' mags I've had a pretty uneventful few days. I have. What does one do in the event of uneventfulness? rant 'o' course! my subject; word effing verification!

The title gives it away somewhat but I'm sure you know what I mean. There you are, happily typing away your much appreciated, spell checked and thought provoking *some sarcasm here* comment on somebody's blog, you read and re-read it to check you come off as 'cool' and not an over eager "I love you! be my friend!" freak, satisfied with your attempt at literate nonchalance, you hit 'publish'. 
Welcome to a world of blogger pain my friend. "tiipcata swedtk? Sure, whatever" you think impatiently, as you slowly type out the letters in the manner of your elderly technophobe relatives. "The characters you entered don't match the word verification. Please try again." *headdesk* -__-  " eldi....eldish featch?" refresh, "sacagawea!?" refresh, "engelbert humperdinck!?WTF!" refresh...and so it goes on. 
Now perhaps this is only me, but this process stirs within me a rage I knew not, comparable only to that felt by rake-face Sideshow Bob.

Please tell me I'm not alone in my frustration!


  1. Love your outfit! Great blog!

  2. it fills me with rage too!! Im obviously not a robot, but i Still can;t get them right!! grrrr.
    Love your hair! I have big hair, but you have BIG hair its fabulous!

    :) xxx

  3. You are so sweet :X

  4. Not alone! It really irritates me too :P xo

  5. Haha, love that bit at the end. Tjis is genuinely hnow it makes me feel too!
    And your glasses are cute! xxx

  6. You're not the only one filled with rage, I don't get why the words needs to look dodgy so half the time I just guess what letters it wants! xxx

  7. same your not alone hehe :) I love this outfit looks so cool xx

  8. hahah I swear I waste at least 20 minutes of my life per week doing those over and over. I HATE THEM!!!! From one glasses girl to another, I love your glasses!

    Mabel Time

  9. You're definitely not alone, I seriously dislike word verification with a passion! Plus I love your jumper! :)

  10. Hey I just tagged you in my get to know me tag, feel free to check it out and join in :)


  11. Word verification annoys me so bad!

  12. Aha you are most definitely not alone! It annoys me every time ;) In fact, in a few seconds I'll probably be just as frustrated as you when I try to send this comment! Anyway, love love LOVE the big hair! xxx

    1. After all that I didn't have to do a word verification............!

    2. Haha! yep, I got rid of it! be gone vile verification!

  13. i like your blog!!

  14. Hahaha you're definitely not alone, I hate it too! Also love your massive hair! Wowser! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog btw x

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