Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dew yew slow down bor?

Me bossing Gemma arround. Look at her toy collection!

Jumper- H&M mens section
Grey vest- H&M
Jeans- Internacionale
Boots- Shoe Zone
Bag- Ebay
Rings- Thrift and mums!

Best jumper ever. Why do the men's sections always have the good stuff now, Matalan and H&M, I'm looking at you! Also in more awesome news (well, for me) my tickets for the East Anglian Game and Country fair have finally arrived, v excited! If your a Norfolkian I urge you to get yourself to the Royal Norfolk Show Ground on the last weekend of  April, the 28/29th. There's absolutely something for everyone, for example, I have no interest in huntin' shootin' or a fishin' but I still love it! mainly for the food, clothes and trinkets (which also happens to accurately sum up my life interests). If you're in the area I can't recommend it highly enough, get yew there bor! 


  1. I've never been, I didn't know what really goes on there! Love your jumper, it pays to have a look round the mens section :) x

  2. That is an awesome jumper. I might go buy myself one now, for next winter!

  3. Absolutely brilliant post! You've got amazing sense of sense of style. Have a great day! Fantastic blog by the way....


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