Sunday, 25 March 2012

Seven snaps Sunday

I've been drawn to doodling this week, particularly the never ending line, it's surprisingly entertaining. Also I was trying to draw a new header for the blog but I'm neither artistically skilled enough, nor satisfied with what I drew (drawed, drawn?). 

Also ben & Jerrys- which I long time likey love love-  has released three new 'core' flavours for the UK; Berry White- Raspberry with rasberry chunks, vanilla with white choc chunks and choc truffle core (which was v nice btw), Karamel Sutra- Caramel and choc ice creams with choc chunks and caramel sauce core and finally Dough-ble Whammy- Choc and cookie dough ice creams with cookie dough chunks and choc fudge core. *good times*
I also really want to try 'Oh my, apple pie!' which I never got to try the first time round, because my god, I do love pie.

I got some new polishes in the post today, my dad noticed and speculated on the precise number of my collection, ever thorough, I decided to count them (and colour order in the process of course); 58. I think it's not too much. Oh, and I was playing around with Photoshop (which I'm utterly bewildered by) and this happened. I liked it, it's a bit pop art-ish. I don't know how I did it.

P.S- Did you put your clocks back last night? I didn't *facepalm* thank god for Sunday!


  1. Hello! This post has given me a total craving for ice-cream :)
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend

    Emma xo

  2. I love your doodles! Especially the cross stitch. I'm SO JEALOUS that you have core flavors in the U.K. I think I told you that they discontinued them here in the U.S. :(

    Mabel Time

  3. I desperately want that ice cream now!!
    You have quite the collection of polishes! xx


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